Nov 4, 2021

75+ Hot Pictures Of Zendaya Coleman

Last Updated: November 05, 2020

Last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming was a mega success and earned $880 million on the box-office apart from the stunning $257 million opening weekend and rave reviews by the critics.

This reboot directed by Jon Watts has led to a mighty resurgence of the web-slinger, but, there is one element of this movie which has led to a fair bit of controversy: the revelation of Zendaya’s character of Michelle.

In the ending moments of the movie, the character is heard saying that her friends call her “M.J.” This nickname has an unmistakable reference to the most iconic lover of Peter Parker, aka Mary Jane Watson.

It made some fans to protest because Michelle is nothing like the Mary Jane that fans have fallen in love with right since her debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #42. However, the producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal believe that the unveiling wasn’t what was made out of it.

“Well, we never even looked at it as a big reveal necessarily but more of just a fun homage to his past adventures and his past love,” Feige said. “She’s not Mary Jane Watson. She never was Mary Jane Watson.

She was always this new high school character, Michelle, who we know there’s an ‘M’ in Michelle, and an ‘M’ in Mary. So we’re so clever, and we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be neat if her initials were MJ?’ And then I think it leaked that she would be playing MJ and then it became a whole headache for Zendaya to have to navigate.

It was never a big, ‘Oh, my God, it’s a big reveal!’ There are big reveals in the movie. That’s not one of them.” Pascal agreed and added, “She is not going to end as being Mary Jane Watson.”

Even though Michelle might not be an adaptation of the Marvel Comics model, Feige has ensured that the character might make an impact on the MCU’s Peter Parker in the future.“She’s not Mary Jane Watson,” he said.

“Is she going to date, Peter? Are they going to fall in love? She seems to be intrigued by him. There’s nice chemistry there. Who knows what will happen in future films?” Beyond playing Michelle, there is a lot about the Singer/actress Zendaya which you might have never known, and we present to you 30 fascinating Zendaya facts:

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Date Of Birth – 1 September 1996

1. She hates syrup on her pancakes.

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2. She is not much into cleaning her room, but, whenever she gets down to it, she does it thoroughly.

3. She is totally into diamonds.

4. She loves Jamaica and is eager to go back.

5. She stalks her fans on Twitter and finds them amazing.

6. Zendaya has an eyebrow obsession that she terms as “browfection”.

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7. According to her she is Chmerkovskiy and Val is an honorary Coleman which makes it the best family!

8. She was an aunt by the time she was born. She not only has several younger nieces and nephews but, also a niece and a nephew older than her.

9. Zendaya’s father plays drums and she used to fall asleep by his side as he played.

10. She totally digs Halloween and was excited to be UNICEF Spokesperson for Trick or Treat!

11. She has an amazing dog Midnight who had to lose three toes due to cancer, but, he fought back well.

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12. Zendaya recorded in the same studio where Michael Jackson had once recorded Dangerous and Bad.

13. She was so shy that she had to do Kindergarten twice.

14. Her first ever participation in a play was as one of the witches from Macbeth.

15. She is friends with Bella Thorne.

16. Her father allowed her dating only after she turned 16.

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17. Her mother as well as father are teachers so she had to be very serious about her studies.

18. While in 2nd grade, she flunked a few spelling tests and that led to a lot of trouble!

19. Her father wished her to become the first woman player in NBA.

20. She had to play soccer, basketball, and track running before gathering the courage to tell her parents that she had no interest in sports.

21. As an eight-year-old, she once rode a roller coaster and ended up peeing in her pants.

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22. She was fond of drawing and writing poetry.

23. She was totally obsessed with Michael Jackson and used to even dress up like him for a while.

24. She is a vegetarian who is not fond of vegetables.

25. She is obsessed with nails.

26. She has two nicknames; her friends call her “Daya” or “Big Head,” but, her parents call her “Marie”

although not at all times.

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27. Zendaya loves sporting a natural look, and she claims that she has never applied color to her hair.

28. Zendaya has been on the “available” block for just three years. She said her father prevented her from dating before she turned 16 and she was cool with that.

29. Zendaya is a U.N. AIDS Ambassador and says “It’s cool to get tested” and also shared that the HIV and AIDS cases saw an increase in the US for the first time in almost 25 years.

30. Zendaya looks dashing here, in a floral dress with long silky hair dining on her shoulders.

31. Zendaya walks away in a sophisticated pink pantsuit as she smiles at the camera.

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32. In this photo, Zendaya wears a silvery jacket, coupled with a pair of pants, and a blue blouse as she poses for the camera.

33. Zendaya poses for a photoshoot in a white swimsuit as it highlights her body.

34. In this picture, Zendaya poses for the camera in a long striped dress, looking sophisticated as ever!

35. Zendaya looks stunning here as she poses with her short bushy hair and gorgeous dress.

36. Zendaya poses in a white shoulderless dress and gorgeous dreadlocks.

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37. In this picture, Zendaya poses in front of the cameras with a smile, as she sports a striped gown, revealing enough for the fans to keep wanting.

38. Zendaya poses casually in a sexy black tank top and curly hair, giving an effortless look.

39. In this photo, Zendaya poses in a velvety pink shoulderless dress and curly hair.

40. Here, Zendaya poses in a shiny yellow dress, showcasing her cleavage to some extent.

41. Zendaya poses here is a light purple dress as she seductively poses for the camera.

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42. Zendaya, here, seems to enjoy her summer in a dog along with her dog, as she shows off her perfect body in a yellow bikini.

43. Zendaya poses for the camera while wearing a red shoulderless dress that highlights her jawline gracefully.

44. In this picture, Zendaya poses in a cream-colored dress and pink Marilyn Monroe-hairstyle, taking sophistication to the next level.



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Today’s generation is called a millennial, and nobody breathes, lives, and expresses this word or sentiment more than Zendaya. She is involved in everything. Beginning with humble roots, Zendaya started as a dancer. Her insane moves got her the favorite fan character of Rocky Blue in Shake it up. She has always been someone who has followed an unconventional route; unlike other stars, she did not leave Disney till she entered her 20s, participated in a reality show, and produced a mind-bending show like Euphoria. It is her bravery that makes her the right actress to play the iconic role of Mary Jane and making it the unique take on the character to date.

Zendaya’s success is enormous for the African American community as a whole, and she continues to reflect her culture in the best way possible. She is making strides day by day and is also confident enough to respond to any kind of statement that hurts her culture’s sentiments. She did so when Giuliana Rancic brutally made fun of her dreadlocks.






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