Nov 4, 2021

5 Top Actors Who Are In Talks For Lead Roles In A-Team TV Series Reboot

The 2010 movie A-Team, which was an adaptation of the 80’s hit show was overall branded as a flop.

We are told that now the A-Team will eventually be rebooted as a series. Fox will be launching its A-Team TV show and it will have the same story as the original show, but will include a female character to the core team. The series will be produced by Chris Morgan, and TawniaMckiernan and Albert Kim have written the script for the show.

According to the reports, the A-Team will be exactly like its original tv show with high octane action scenes and will have a“Villain-of-the-week” episodic nature. It is good to know that the style and the tone of the series will remain the same.

Casting calls the show have started, and a few good actors are in talks with the studio to play the lead roles. Here are the names of actors and actress expected to appear on the upcoming A-Team TV series reboot:-

1. Col. John Hannibal Smith – Mark Harmon

2. Sgt. Bosco Albert B.A. Baracus – Mike Colter

3. Lt. Arthur Templeton Faceman Peck – Jensen Ackles

4. Cpt. H.M. Howling Mad Murdock Amy Acker

5. Charlie Day