5 Things You Should Know About Online Dating

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Online dating has been around for quite some time, but there are still many people who haven’t tried it and don’t know much about it. This is the reason for which we thought you should know more about it and compiled a list of 5 interesting facts about dating online.

How Many People Use Dating Sites in the US?

Three out of 10 adults from the US have said that they have never used a dating site, but the interesting fact is that the number varies when you compare ages and sexual orientation. Over half of singles under 30 (but older than 18, of course) have tried an app or website, and the number goes down as the population ages – 38% over thirty but under 50, and 16% over the age of 50.

While heterosexual singles use dating sites in a proportion of 28%, members of LGBTQIA+ are more than twice inclined to use them (55%) since there is a lot less stigma online and dating is more targeted.

Is It Easy to Date Online?

Most online daters have found it easy to find someone they are compatible with. When joining together 2 night platform, for instance, users can enter specific information such as the body type they are interested in, hobbies, type of relationship, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicities, and many other factors that help them find a suitable mate.

A great part of users have been able to find someone who they are attracted to and shares their interests or hobbies.

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While men have an easier time finding someone they fancy, the difference in percentages between men and women isn’t very high, only around 2%. The difference stems from the fact that women require that users have profiles that are much more in-depth.

Do Users Have a Good Experience?

6 out of 10 people who have tried online dating before have had a good overall experience, and 14% of them have had an amazing time. And the rest 4 out of 10 singles have had a more negative experience, but most not so bad that they would not consider doing it again.

This result varies when taking into account several factors such as education, but gender and race do not seem to influence one’s experience, which is a great improvement for equality.

It seems that having a bachelor’s degree or even higher education leads to a better time with online dating as compared with users with a high school diploma or further down.

Is It Safe to Date Online?

Over half of Americans believe that online websites are secure and that meeting singles this way is safe.

Women tend to feel that online dating isn’t very safe, which is why dating for single moms is a bit more difficult than it is for men. While this is true, the truth is that offline dating is actually even less safe for women.

Luckily, online security is becoming better and better each day, so it’s no wonder that over 70% of American people who have used a dating site believe it to be a safe way to meet someone. 47% of those who haven’t tried online dating yet still believe they are safe, so the difference between these opinions stems from fear of the unknown rather than actual safety.

Is Online Better Than Offline?

Around 55% of American singles believe that a dating website or mobile app can help users have a successful relationship, more so than meeting people in real life. Most of the remaining percentage of singles believe that you can get similar results both online and offline, and neither is better than the other.


Online dating is only “scary” for those who haven’t tried it yet. The statistics speak for themselves, and it seems that overall, dating online has amazing benefits and should be checked out by more American singles who are searching for a partner.

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