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5 Of The Most Expensive Animals In The World

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While most of us are content with a cat or a dog, and some of us even get a bit adventurous and adopt ponies, turtles and hamsters, there are those who are willing to dish out tens of thousands – sometimes even millions – to purchase exotic, weird and wonderful pets. Here is a list of some of the most pricey pets on the planet and some of them will surprise you!

5 Of The Most Expensive Animals In The World

5. Capuchin Monkey – $10,000

Though these little fellas sure are cute, capuchins can be difficult pets to keep. They’re a mischievous bunch that only really became popular pets thanks to Hollywood. You might think one would look good perched on your shoulder, Captain Barbosa style, but it might just cost you more than its $10,000 value just in damages to your home and belongings!

5 Of The Most Expensive Animals In The World

4. Palm Cockatoo – $16,000

This stunning feathered delight is a Palm Cockatoo, and though it makes a wonderfully unique pet if you have the space for it, it’s quite a picky eater! The Palm Cockatoo would be a great companion for Gwyneth Paltrow since it mainly feasts on things like kale, broccoli, pomegranate and Brazil nuts!

5 Of The Most Expensive Animals In The World

3. Sir Lancelot Encore Cloned Dog – $100,000

Sit down, you might find this one hard to believe! When one Florida family lost their beloved puppy to cancer, they decided they just couldn’t handle life without him, so they spend $100,000 to have him cloned and he (well, his clone) lived happily ever after with them!

5 Of The Most Expensive Animals In The World

2. Miss Missy The Cow $1,200,000

In 2011, the World Dairy Expo named Missy the cow the Supreme Grand Champion of All Breeds! Two years prior to that, the beautiful black and white Holstein cow was named the most expensive cow in the world with a worth of $1.2 million! She now belongs to a professional breeder from Denmark.

5 Of The Most Expensive Animals In The World

1. Kentucky Derby Bred Horse – $16,000,000

The Green Monkey (this fella above, not an actual monkey!) is the descendant of two Kentucky Derby champions and was bred for greatness. He was sold for a massive $16 million back in 2006, worth this price due to his incredible speed. Strangely enough, he never managed to win a single race, let alone make it to the Kentucky Derby. We bet the buyer was kicking himself!

5 Of The Most Expensive Animals In The World

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