Nov 4, 2021

40+ Hottest Slave Princess Leia Which Will Make Fans Crave For More

Last Updated: February 08, 2021

Princess  Leia Organa happened to be one of the big three of the Star Wars saga. Let’s say if Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) were the Batman and Superman of Star Wars then Leia Organa would be known as the Wonder Woman.

The leader of the Rebels, the harbinger of hope in the galaxy far, far away, Leia was an incredible character played by the late Carrie Fisher throughout the nearly four decades of the character’s existence.

1. Mind-blowing!

Carrie Fisher was not only an extremely talented, but, very young, stylish, ambitious and gorgeous actress who never failed to set the pulse racing among the male audiences. It is beyond doubt that Princess Leia Organa is the hottest character ever to feature in the Star Wars franchise.

2. Sexy!

Back in 1983, Return of the Jedi saw Jabba the Hut kidnap Princess Leia. That is when she was made to wear a Slave Princess Leia costume and boy, what a costume that was. The gold bikini that she was seen wearing as she emerged from the water was simply breath-taking and resulted in coming-of-age of a whole generation of men.

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3. Wow!

In fact, that costume went on to become such an iconic piece of Star Wars history that cosplayers all over the world have been trying to create their own versions of it. To show you what we mean, we present to you the hottest Slave Princess Leia Cosplays ever (Warning: These might cause loss of sleep at night, don’t say we didn’t warn you).

4. Perfect!

5. Gorgeous!

6. Oomph!

7. Fun!

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8. Insanely Hot!

9. Awesome!

10. Superb!

11. Mesmerising!

12. Killer!

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13. Dead gorgeous!

14. Runway!

15. Magical!

16. Beautiful!

17. Ooh!

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18. Ooh, La La!

19. Astonishing!

20. Splendid!

21. Absolute Beautiful!

22. Breathtaking!

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23. Nice!

24. Wonderful!

25. Fabulous!

26. Fantastic!

27. Spectacular!

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28. Exquisite!

29. Princess Leia Cosplays!

30. Selfie!



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