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30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

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As well as having enviable jawlines and devoted fans, celebrities also own an array of impressive motors thanks to their immense wealth.

Whatever it is you like, you’ll be sure to find at least one celebrity with a motoring taste similar to yours so with that in mind we’ve profiled 30 of the most amazing celebritiy rides. Enjoy!

1. The Game

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

The West Coast rapper has built up an extraordinary collection of cars over the years, and whether you like his hard-hitting lyrics or not, there’s no doubting The Game’s automotive passion.

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Yes, as well as counting out the royalties from his albums, the Dreams hitmaker, whose net worth currently stands at an impressive $25m, is busy dazzling us with his multifaceted car collection. Quite whether the gold Porsche Panamera is as pleasing on the eye as he thinks it is, is certainly up for debate. But we’re sure he doesn’t care. If he gets bored, he can always paint it red.

2. Nicki Minaj

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

Nicki’s raw lyrics and unashamedly brazen persona have given the talented New York rapper a net worth beyond her wildest dreams, and when you’re as confident as her, you’re going to let the world know you’ve arrived.

Of course, owning such a colorful car will undoubtedly turn heads, but Minaj is all about the glamour and attention that comes with the fame, so it’s hardly surprising Minaj purchased a neon-pink Lamborgini. The model, known officially as the Lamborgini Aventador, is a popular choice in Hollywood and is bound to attract all kinds of attention.

3. Hugh Grant

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

The lovable British actor has made no apologies for his love of fast cars, and has described them in the past as “tossers cars” and “great big w#nker cars.” But going against the British stereotype of the modest gentleman, Hugh’s car history is more akin to that of a gangster rapper than an Oxford-educated actor.

Past purchases of the Notting Hill actor have included a Ferrari California, an Aston Martin Vanquish and most recently, an Audi R8.

4. Harry Styles

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

After touring the world as the most notable member of the world’s biggest boy band, Harry Styles put pen to paper on a solo recording deal with Columbia Records worth a staggering $80m. Not that Styles wasn’t wealthy before.

Ever since One Direction debuted at number one on the Billboard 100 with their album Up All Night, the boys have been making outrageous sums, and when you’re young and boyish, more money often translates into bigger and better motors.

A self-confessed petrol head, the 23-year-old has been pictured driving many different cars over the years including an Audi R8, a Ferrari California, a Range Rover Sport, a stylish 1966 Mercedes-Benz 230S L and a vintage Jaguar E-type roadster

5. Liam Payne

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

Another One Direction member included on our list is Liam Payne. Often thought of as second-in-command to Harry Styles, his bank balance is nonetheless as high and while he may not have purchased as many cars as the moppy-haired heartthrob, Liam’s car history is nothing to be scoffed at.

After all, when you’re papped driving a chrome Lamborgini Aventador to your local supermarket, and possing on top of Cadillacs like they’re Ikea chairs, things can only be good.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

Soccer players have a long history owning expensive and over-the-top sports cars, and the most famous of all, the Portuguese and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, is no different. Residing in a wealthy suburb of Madrid, Ronaldo has a fleet of cars in his garage and with a net worth of $280m and a social media following topped only by the songstress Taylor Swift, buying cars isn’t something that’s an issue for the brash soccer player.

But while Ronaldo may be arrogant and unashamedly open about his wealth, most would admit to being a tad jealous of his car collection.

7. Justin Bieber

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

For someone who dresses poorly and still thinks it’s cool to wear gold-winged trainers, Justin Bieber’s car history isn’t as bad as you’d imagine with past cars including a white Ferrari 458 Italia, a Nissan GTR, a Lamborgini Veneno and the customary celebrity car of choice: the Range Rover Vogue.

But Bieber hasn’t exactly been sensible with his cars, with the actor’s well-publicized arrest in 2014 being spawned from the singer drag racing his Lamborgini Veneno through a freeway in Flordia.

8. Ashton Kutcher

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

He may not seem too fussed about being the owner of a beautiful Ferrari California Spyder, but after being rich and famous since the late 90s, you can forgive the Hollywood hottie for being accustomed to the finer things in life.

Yes, for someone who started out as a male model in rural Ohio before transitioning into acting, a profession he still isn’t very good at, you can’t help but admire Ashton’s rags-to-riches story.

9. Gordon Ramsay

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

The foul-mouthed chef may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but his car collection is likely to have more admirers.

If most photos online are anything to go by, the Hell’s Kitchen star seems to have a penchant for Ferraris, owning a classic Ferrari 550 Maranello, a chrome 458 Ferrari Italia, and the much-coveted Ferrari Enzo.

10. Jay Leno

30 Of The Coolest Celebrity Rides

If you don’t know about Jay Leno’s car collection, then let us fill you in. Put simply; he has hundreds, all ranging from top-of-the-range Ferraris to the most classic of American Mustangs. He even has a special TV show titled Jay Leno’s Garage, which sees the former chatshow host fill us in on the history of each purchase.

In the interests of your time, however, listing the cars Leno has could take years, but some notable examples include a 2014 McLaren P1, valued at a cool $1.35 million, a 1963 Chrysler Turbine – $415,000, a 1909 Stanley Steamer- $185,000 and one of only two Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic SCs, valued today at a whopping $30m.

In case you were wondering, Leno has some serious cash. $350m, to be precise.

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