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30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

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Famous actors don’t always have it easy- just ask Taylor Lautner, the Twilight hunk once destined for superstardom. Or the obnoxious British actor Alex Pettyfer, who made a name for himself in Magic Mike and then quickly irritated half of Hollywood.

While they may have already made sizeable fortunes, they could have achieved a whole lot more had their careers panned out the way they expected, and after going through our list, you’ll soon realize that for every Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, there are countless Shailene Woodleys and Taylor Lautners lurking in Hollywood jail, pleading for another chance.

Here are 30 sorry examples.

1. Mischa Barton

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

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After her breakout role on The O.C. following a successful career as a child actress, Entertainment Weekly piled on the pressured and named Mischa Barton the “It Girl” of 2003. Of course, Barton’s career was soon jinxed, and instead of becoming the next Jenifer Aniston, a host of personal problems came her way.

Today, Barton’s career as an actress is all-but-finished, with the star making the tabloids for her personal and legal issues as opposed to any upcoming roles.

2. Taylor Kitsch

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

Taylor Kitsch may look like a star, but not even his chiseled face could take away the fact that his acting wasn’t very good. Despite this, his team managed to convince casting directors to place him in a series of high-profile films following his breakout role in ABC’s Friday Night Lights. He was the lead in many awful films, however, including John Carter, Battleship, HBO’s True Detective (season 2) and Oliver Stone’s Savages.

Nowadays, Kitsch is taking his ailing career into his own hands, having recently announced that he is both starring, writing and directing a movie called Pieces.

3. Megan Fox

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

Megan Fox was the dreamboat in those awful Transformers movies, but after realizing Hollywood is nothing more than a shallow cesspit of arriviste bigwigs, she compared Michael Bay to Hitler and didn’t return for the third installment.

Fox’s career has since taken a major backseat, and aside from a supporting role in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, her career prospects have gone down the toilet.

4. Shailene Woodley

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

Following her breakthrough role alongside George Clooney in The Descendants, Shailene Woodley appeared destined to become the next Jennifer Lawrence. However, after landing a leading role in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series, the film’s tanked, so much so that part three, Allegiant, was to end as a tv show.

Naturally, Woodley refused to be downgraded to TV and took on a more classy kind of tv role in HBO’s Big Little Lies. Woodley is also noted for her political activism, which saw her arrested for an illegal protest against the Dakota pipeline.

5. Alex Pettyfer

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

We recently profiled Alex Pettyfer on our sister site in an article profiling Hollywood’s biggest douchebags. While it was known in industry circles that the Brit was a tricky person to deal with, his behavior on the set of Magic Mike proved intolerable for Channing Tatum, who refused to have him back for the film’s follow-up, Magic Mike XXL.

While Tatum didn’t have a role in blacklisting Pettyfer, his rude behavior was well reported in Hollywood, and it’s likely casting directors soon realized that casting him wasn’t worthwhile. especially after his other major movie, I Am Number Four, proved a global flop.

6. Minne Driver

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

Minnie Driver was lauded for her standout performance as Matt Damon’s girlfriend in Good Will Hunting, but after the Oscar buzz of the film wore off, her stardom proved ephemeral.

Today, Driver doesn’t have much going on, and rarely makes the headlines unless she’s calling out her former co-star Matt Damon on Twitter for being ill-informed about the #Mmovementiement after he said some sexual crimes are much worse than others.

7. Sam Worthington

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

Remember him? The brawny Aussie was the face of James Cameron’s Avatar movie, which was once the highest grossing movie of all time.

Still, despite filming the second one, Worthington’s career hasn’t had much else to shout about, but with those Avatar cheques, we’re sure Worthington will retire a happy man.

8. Dakota Fanning

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

Dakota Fanning was once the world’s most famous child actress, but her career as a leading lady hasn’t gone as planned. While she impressed in the rock biopic, The Runaways, and as a cancer sufferer in Now is Good, her career hasn’t taken off in the way other child actors’ careers have.

9. Emile Hirsch

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

In bizarre circumstances, American actor Emile Hirsch, known for his roles in films such as ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘Alpha Dog’ was arrested and booked by Utah police after he allegedly choked Paramount Pictures executive Daniele Bernfeld at a nightclub during the Sundance Film Festival.

Hirsch would later be found guilty of the charges and was ordered to serve 15 days in county jail. Sadly for Hirsch, it appears as though he left behind his acting career when he was released as he hasn’t appeared in anything credible since.

10. Eric Bana

30 Has-Been Actors You No Longer Hear About

Eric Bana’s performance in The Time Traveller’s Wife made millions of women swoon for the handsome Aussie, but Bana’s career as a heartthrob wasn’t enough to save him from appearing in a host of flops, most notably in The Hulk.

Bana has since offered up supporting roles in movies such as Star Trek and Hanna, but after the promise of The Time Traveller’s Wife, Bana will probably regret that he is now starring in Netflix movies alongside Rick Gervais.

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