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30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

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Celebrities having loads of money is nothing new, but you’ll be amazed at how much some of these A-list entertainers have accumulated in their lucrative careers. From the world’s most gifted athletes to singers and actors who cause major standstills wherever they perform, these stars are making more money in a month than most of us regular folk will earn in a lifetime.

In many ways, they are living the dream, experiencing all the trappings both wealth and fame has to offer, from the private jets that jettison them from movie premieres to topping up their tans on gleaming white yachts. But while wealth can guarantee you such luxuries, it by no means assures you a life full of happiness. Yet even with this in mind, it’s still fascinating to discover the true net worth of these esteemed public figures and imagine what it would be like to have such wealth.

With that salivating thought, here are 30 living celebrities who have incredibly high net worths.

30. Alicia Keys- $130m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

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The New York hitmaker has since branched out into other facets of the entertainment world following the worldwide success of her musical career, with acting credits in Hollywood and a reoccurring role as a judge on The Voice keeping the Keys brand very much in the limelight.

Known for being comfortable in her own skin and often refusing to wear any makeup, the singer and pianist has earned a staggering $130m in her lifetime and sold over 60m albums worldwide.

29. Adele- $135m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Adele’s eagerly awaited follow-up to her 30m selling album 21 was released in November 2015, four years after 21’s worldwide success. But it would be 25 that would propel Adele into the upper realms of the industry rich list.

Shattering records, Adele’s album sold 3.38m units in its first week, making it the fastest-selling album of all time, while the lead single, Hello, was the first single in the US to be downloaded over 1m times in its first week.

With that said, the British singer’s fortune would be considerably larger if she toured on a more regular basis, which plays a significant role in her net worth trailing behind the likes of Taylor Swift and One Direction, despite outstripping both of them in physical sales.

28. Michael Bublé- $150m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Michael Bublé, one of Canada’s most famous musical exports, hasn’t had it easy in recent years following his child’s cancer diagnosis, but thankfully, his son is now in recovery. Perhaps with this in mind, the four-time Grammy winner has decided to step away from music for a while.

A household name in the contemporary jazz and pop world, Buble has earned himself a cool $150m.

27. Janet Jackson- $150m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Janet Jackson, a 7-time Grammy winner and sister of Micheal Jackson has earned more money than most people might imagine. While she is by no means as successful as her brother, her net worth was at the time of Michael’s death much higher following his various debts.

As of 2017,  the recording artist was thought to be worth an astounding $150 Million. Not bad for someone who would always be following in the shadows of her uber-famous sibling.

26. Rihanna- $230m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Good girl gone bad Robyn Rihanna Fenty couldn’t have imagined growing up in her small town in Barbados that she would one day be one of the world’s most popular recording artists. Spotted by Jay-z when he was holidaying on the island, her first song “Pon de Replay” was released in 2005 to critical and commercial acclaim.

13 years later, the star, who has only just turned 30, is worth an impressive $230 million.

25. Brad Pitt- $240m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Brad Pitt is still technically married to estranged wife Angelina Jolie following her request for a divorce, but according to many sources, a prenup was already in place, leaving both parties very much in the green.

And while Brad may no longer have Angelina’s heart, he can take solace in being richer than her. Jolie’s net worth of $160m comes $80m short of Brad’s large $240m fortune, with most of his earnings coming from up-front movie deals and his Plan B production company which produced the Oscar-winning Steve McQueen movie, 12 Years A Slave.

24. Justin Beiber & Hailey Baldwin- $265m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Famously discovered on YouTube by talent manager Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s remarkable rise heralded a new era of talent sourcing, and after a succession of sold-out tours, number one albums, record-breaking Spotify streams and a crazed fanbase matched by few others, the 24-year-old is rich beyond his wildest dreams.

Possessing a $265m fortune, Justin Bieber is one of the richest twentysomethings in the world. Now married to the model Hailey Baldwin, initial reports suggested there was no prenup in place, meaning Baldwin would be entitled to half Bieber’s earnings should they divorce. Divorce rates in America are 50%.

23. Lady Gaga- $275m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is all the rage at the moment following her spellbinding performance alongside Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga, however, is the name most of you will be familiar with. The quirky pop star, who was spotted by the famed producer Jimmy Iovine, has sold millions of records around the world and continues to wow audiences with her unique and engaging stage presence.

According to recent reports, the singer and actress is worth a reported $275 Million.

22. The Olsen Twins- $300m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

The Olsen Twins are very much one lucrative package, and by the time they were 3-years-old, they were already making millions as child actresses, so it’s little wonder their wealth has increased over the years.

However, the blonde bombshells decided on a career in fashion after becoming disillusioned with acting, and it paid off. Big time. Today, the twins are worth a whopping $300m following the success of their clothing line, ‘The Row.’

21. Taylor Swift- $320m

30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

With hundreds of millions of social media followers and album sales in excess of 40m, the American pop star Taylor Swift is one of the most popular contemporary recording artists in the world.

Tay-Tay is rolling in it with the success of her mammoth 1989 world tour grossing millions of dollars in each leg of the tour.

Forbes estimated that it grossed more than $200m from the North America leg alone, breaking a Rolling Stones record in the process. Because of these other-worldly figures, and being one of the few artists that can get away with withholding her music from the streaming service Spotify, Swift’s vast fortune now stands at an estimated $320m.

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