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30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

Being rich and famous is a dream we have all entertained in our lives, but despite glitz and glamor of it all, many celebrities chose to leave this all behind to start a new life away from the glaring spotlight.

But not everyone left for the same reasons. Some turned their back on Hollywood having already made milions while others decided that being famous just wasn’t for them and said goodbye to Tinseltown after just one role. With that said, here are 30 former stars who now lead regular lives.

1. Jack Gleeson

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

Everyone’s favorite tv villain was so convincing in his role that he was despised by hardcore Game of Thrones, some of whom seemed to believe that the affable, young Irish actor was the living embodiment of King Joffrey himself!

The hate got so intense that Gleeson reportedly retired from acting after fans berated him on social media. Today, Gleeson has handed in the life of a Hollywood star for a career in academia. He is currently a student at Trinity College, Dublin, where is studying for a degree in philosophy and theology.

2. Charlie Korsmo

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

Child star Charlie Korsmo had a glittering career in showbiz thanks to his work on Hook and later on Can’t Hardly Wait, where he played a bullied child who transformed into a popular kid. But it seems years earning the big bucks in Hollywood wasn’t enough to persuade Korsmo to stick at the craft as an adult.

Instead, he traded in Hollywood for the law, and after becoming one of the top lawyers in New York City, Charles, as he now goes by, currently works as a law professor at Case Western Reserve University.

3. Shaquille O’Neal

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

One of NBA’s most lauded players may appear like an unusual inclusion on our list, but everyone’s favorite basketball player has had quite the humble career post-basketball, despite his various appearances in rap videos saying otherwise.

Indeed, Shaq hasn’t shied away from going back to school, so much so that he earned an MBA and then a doctorate in education. He was also made an honorary sheriff’s deputy in Georgia. Pretty cool.

4. Gene Hackman

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

Despite winning two Oscars for his brilliant performance in the French Connection and the Western epic Unforgiven, Hackman decided to transfer his creative outlets over to the written word.

But rather than prove a one-book wonder, Hackman wrote a further five novels, all published by Simon & Shuster.

5. Al Green

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

While your grandfather may wax lyrical of Green’s soulful falsettos, Al Green has now retired from the fast-paced world of live performing in favor of spreading the word of Jesus.

Rather than belting out the lines to his hit song Let’s Stay Together in sold-out arenas, Green seems more than happy to live out his days preaching to church-goers in his local congregation at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

6. Angus T. Jones

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

Starring alongside Charlie Sheen in the hit Chuck Lore series Two and a Half Men practically made Jones an overnight millionaire, and his fame from the show only grew.

However, by working with a-then neurotic Charlie Sheen, Jones witnessed what money and wealth can do to a man, so perhaps with that in mind, he traded a career in the spotlight for one behind the screens at a production company co-owned by P. Diddy.

7. Phoebe Cates

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

Phoebe Cates sent teenage boy’s hearts racing the moment she hit it big on Fast Times at Ridgemont High. With a career as high-profile as Cates’s, you’d think she would have wanted to stay in tv- but she clearly had other ideas.

Spurring a host of lucrative offers, Cates became a small business owner instead. Her involvement in Hollywood is somewhat alive as she is married to the Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Kline. Her New York-based company is called Blue Tree, which specializes in women’s clothing.

8. Taran Noah Smith

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

Taran Noah Smith starred as Mark Taylor everyone’s favorite 90’s sitcom Home Improvement but has turned his attention away from acting following a short-lived marriage at just 17 to a woman almost twice his senior.

Reinventing himself as a lifestyle guru, Smith started Playfood, a vegan cheese business based in the liberal utopia of Oregon.

9. Vanilla Ice

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

Ice, ice, baby might once have been Vanilla Ice’s signature lyric, but today it is a more apt representation of his ever-dissolving career in showbiz. Today, Vanilla Ice doesn’t even have a rap career, and even when he was at the peak of his powers, it was more of a funny kind of appreciation than one built on actual star prowess.

Still, Vanilla Ice got the message that he wasn’t welcome anymore and set up shop in the real estate industry instead. However, his recent woes with money have been well-documented. More embarrassingly for the star was his arrest for stealing a pool table from an unoccupied house. The former star was sentenced to community service for this offense, along with another conviction for grand theft auto.

10. Amanda Bynes

30 Celebrities Who Now Live Ordinary Lives & Have Regular Jobs

From starring alongside Channing Tatum to being hospitalized under a 72-hour-mental evaluation hold, Amanda Bynes fall from grace is astonishing. In a career that started on the popular Nickelodeon shows All That and The Amanda Show, Bynes successfully made the transition to films up until her arrest in 2012 for driving under the influence. Spending nights in jail cells for said offenses, it was Bynes’ subsequent Twitter activity that again caught the media’s attention.

Acting out of character, the former actress tweeted bizarre and disturbing things, which included a tweet to Rihanna which read, “Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.” Another tweet suggested that her father had sexually abused her before later retracting that statement and tweeting that he had not molested her but had however implanted a microchip into her brain that made her make such a serious accusation.

In 2013, and after months of weird tweets, she was arrested again for starting a fire in someone’s driveway which eventually led to a 72-hour mental evaluation hold. Thankfully, the actress appears to be getting better, and has quit Hollywood for a career in fashion.

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