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30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

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Dry January is now a distant memory. And let’s be honest; most of us only said no to alcohol for one month because we overdid it at Christmas. However, some people have made it their new lifestyle choice to eradicate drink from their lives forever just like these 30 celebrities.

Strong-minded or in some cases, simply keen to preserve their good looks, it seems we could all learn a thing from these clean-living stars.

1. Tyra Banks

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

The former supermodel is still looking good well into her 40s, and as well as sticking to a strict exercise and diet, the America’s Next Top Model judge admitted that she has never touched alcohol as an adult.

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Aside from her first taste of alcohol aged 12,  the fashion mogul told fans that she has never had anything to drink since.

2. Brad Pitt

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

Brad Pitt hasn’t had it easy in recent years following his divorce from fellow actor Angelina Jolie, and for a good year, Pitt went largely into hiding.

Thankfully, Pitt looks much better and credits sobriety with helping him get back on his feet. Speaking to U.S. Weekly, Pitt admitted he “didn’t want to live that way anymore” and though joy is still an “elusive thing” for him since his heartbreaking split from Angelina Jolie, being sober has given him “feeling in his fingertips again.”

3. Rob Lowe

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

Rob Lowe may be in his 50s- but you wouldn’t’ have thought it. Indeed, the actor credits three decades of sobriety as the reason he has maintained his Hollywood good looks, despite also saying in the past that good looking people are discriminated against in the industry.

Lowe quit drinking when he was 26 after years of heavy partying. Speaking about his decision to give up, Lowe said, “Being in recovery has given me everything of value that I have in my life.”

4. Mike Posner

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

The singer famously admitted that he took a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii he was cool, but Posner also revealed in a 2015 tweet that his excessive drinking was also proving an issue.

The tweet was linked to a revealing article on the subject of sobriety and Posner’s experiences with it. “I couldn’t let alcohol rob me of enjoying my life’s special moments,” he said.

5. Joe Manganiello

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

While Joe Manganiello may possess a towering height and the body of a Greek God- physical attributes that would allow Manganiello to handle his drink pretty easily- he has remained sober for 11 years.

Speaking about his life as a jobbing actor, the Magic Mike star explained that it was a lack of finances that encouraged him to go sober.  “I was homeless, careless and broke with no career, so yes, it was worth it [to get sober].”

6. Ben Affleck

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

Ben Affleck hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the press during his time in Tinseltown, with cheating scandals and harassment allegations often levied against the Academy-Award winning actor and director.

As well as this, Affleck has struggled with drink and has twice checked into a rehab facility. Now teetotal, Affleck even brought his sober coach to The Oscars. When asked why he said he wanted to “be the best father he can be.”

7. Lucy Hale

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

The gorgeous Pretty Little Liars actress revealed to Instyle that her insecurities spawned from the industry social life forced her to embrace her real self and not rely on alcohol. She also decided to cut off most of her hair and have it in a bob.

“I tried really hard to be the social butterfly,” the actress said. Be yourself, guys!

8. Jennifer Hudson

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

A strict Christian and destined for stardom from an early age, it’s little wonder this awe-inspiring crooner has said no to alcohol.

Speaking to party-lover Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show, Hudson confessed, “I’ve never been interested. Nobody ever believes it.”

9. Jim Carrey

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

Jim Carrey definitely doesn’t need alcohol to be the life of the party, but his dependency on it drew him into a spiral of depression.

“Life is too beautiful,” Carrey said when asked we had given it up. To aid his clean lifestyle, Carrey strays away from many other substances too, including caffeine.

10. Sarah Silverman

30 Celebrities Who Are Teetotal

Another comedian on our list, Sarah Silverman, like Carrey, also suffers from depression, and has done since her teens, yet chooses to stray from alcohol consumption for gastronomic reasons.

“I try all the time,” Silverman said, yet because of her “Jewish stomach”, she rarely engages in it.

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