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30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

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They have all the money in the world and millions of fans who adore them. Yet that special someone continues to elude them. For whatever reason, be it a hectic work schedule, an unfortunate series of dumpings, or simply an inability to find the right person to settle down with, these unlucky in love superstars are probably beginning to wonder if Cupid’s arrow has evaded them altogether.

So If you are upset at always being single on Valentine’s Day don’t be so hard on yourself because not only will you eventually find someone that loves you for you, you can also take comfort in knowing that some of the most beautiful stars in the world are facing the exact same problems as you are.

Here are 30 A-list celebrities who have garnered an unwanted reputation of being unlucky in love.

1. Jennifer Aniston

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

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Jennifer Aniston has certainly been unlucky in love in recent years. After finally moving on from being divorced from Brad Pitt after he found love with Angelina Jolie, she thought she’d found Mr. Right in the mould of the uber-stylish Justin Theroux. But that quickly ended in divorce as well. Despite such rotten luck, Jen didn’t let her single-yet-again status stop her from throwing a massive 50th birthday bash at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles this month.

Proving Jen is a lovely person who holds no bad blood, ex-husband Brad Pitt was in attendance, as well as Courteney Cox herself, whose ex-hubby David Arquette was also there. Only, unlike Brad, he turned up with his new wife. If you think that’s quite overwhelming, get a load of this. Shortly after Pitt and Arquette rock up, up pops frickn’ John Mayer. Oh, Jen!

2. Drake

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Poor old Drake! He may be the biggest male recording artist on the planet, but that still doesn’t make him any less vulnerable when it comes to opening up his heart and having it tossed into the garbage! On two occasions, the R&B rapper was dumped by Rihanna and it seems this tortured soul just hasn’t been able to move on.

Still, as all good artists do, Drake’s turned his ongoing melancholy into a serious cash cow, and still holds the record for the most Spotify streams.

3. Katy Perry

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

The Firework hitmaker will be the first to tell you that love hasn’t treated her right. Since marrying the then-womanizing comedian Rusell Brand who shockingly requested a divorced via text, she proceeded to date another womanizer by the name of rock crooner John Mayer.

Proving she has a thing for emotionally unavailable men, she then got into a relationship with another infamous lothario by the name of Orlando Bloom. Katy, maybe the trick is to pick men that don’t have such large numbers of female conquests… Just a thought.

4. Eminem

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Adored by millions of music fans around the world, the iconic artist hasn’t been able to replicate this enormous kind of success in his love life.

His on-off relationship with his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott failed to last, while his only other high-profile relationship ended in a slagging contest between himself and Mariah Carey.

5. Liam Neeson

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Liam Neeson experienced a kind of loss that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. He and his late wife Natasha Richardson were married for 15 years when Natasha suddenly died following a skiing accident in 2009.

Unsurprisingly, Neeson hasn’t been in a serious relationship since that terrible day.

6. Halle Berry

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Being one of the most beautiful women of our time doesn’t hand you a free pass at love. Just ask Halle Berry. She has never really found long-lasting happiness with a guy and has been divorced three times.

Her first marriage was with the baseball player David Justice, followed by a second ill-fated union with singer Eric Benét. Proving that the third time isn’t always a charm, Berry got divorced yet again with Olivier Martinez. But we’re not finished. There was then a bizarre relationship with a Chicago dentist, who sued Berry for unpaid loans. Her hottest squeeze, the male model Gabriel Aubry, didn’t end well either, with the Monster star having to go through a series of custody battles.

All the money and fame in the world, but still no love. It just goes to show that fame and wealth is never the answer to happiness.

7. Sandra Bullock

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Sandra Bullock is another incredibly successful actress who hasn’t managed to transfer her professional success to her personal life. She has had failed relationships with Ryan Gosling, Tate Donovan, Troy Aiken, and Matthew McConaughey to name but a few.

Things got even worse when she discovered that her ex-husband Jesse James was cheating on her. Thankfully, Bullock left him and is now in a relationship with a photographer called Bryan Randall.

8. Tom Cruise

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Yes, he’s a Scientologist. And yes, he’s a bit crazy, but boy oh boy is he a good actor. He’s arguably the last of his kind, a true movie star who can carry a film, so Cruise has, unsurprisingly, had his fair share of women over the years. These have included the sexy Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz, though his failed marriages to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes, all of whom left him, are his most noted.

A powerful force in the entertainment business and one of the most intense actors in Hollywood, Cruise, as lovely as he is, hasn’t exactly done well in the world of love. Poor guy.

9. Taylor Swift

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Pop star Taylor Swift has had so many relationships, it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. And let’s face it, Swift has a knack for writing a good heartbreak song, and as many have said before, she hasn’t been afraid to dish the dirt on her exes in the form of winey, saccharine lyrics.

Just ask the likes of John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, and Taylor Lautner. And then there are the other, more recently doomed romances with DJ Calvin Harris and actor Tom Hiddleston, the latter of whom she dated just weeks after Harris broke things off. Still, Swift has since found love with the British actor Joe Alwyn. For her sake at least, let’s hope this one finally works out.

10. Britney Spears

30 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Leave Britney alone was a phrase that entered the cultural lexicon the moment a YouTuber exclaimed those very words, and it’s almost reflective of Britney’s social life since finding fame. Sure, she’s had immense success in the music industry, but she hasn’t managed to replicate that success with men.

In fact, after being dumped by Justin Timberlake after he discovered her infidelities, the Toxic hitmaker married childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander before it was annulled 55 hours later. Then came the backup dancer Kevin Federline, whom she married in 2004 and had two children with. Despite this, Spears filed for divorce three years later.

Her last major relationship was with her former talent agent, Jason Trawick, which started in 2009 and ended in 2013.

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