21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!

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11. David Duchovny (Age: 57) 

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


Famed for his acting credits in Showtime’s Californication and Fox’s The X-Files, David Duchovny- who is 54 and still as hot as ever- is a man of many talents.

As well as forging a highly lucrative acting career, Duchovny has also written, produced and directed some of the episodes for both shows and has also released two novels after gaining a PhD in English Literature from Princeton University.

12. Michelle Pfeiffer (Age: 60)

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21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


While Michelle may have aged, she could still drop jaws in most clubs and has admitted that while she yearns for looking like her younger self, she has accepted her older age for its liberating qualities. “Everyone knows you’re 50,” she told the La Times in 2009. “So you don’t have to worry about not trying to look 50.”

It’s little surprise that Michelle’s beauty has endured a cultural legacy far beyond that of most starlets, and the actress’s beauty was even mentioned in the hit indie song, “Riptide” by the Australian band, Vance Joy, with the lyrics going, “Closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you’ve ever seen.”

13. Pierce Brosnan (Age: 65)

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


British actor Pierce Brosnan is basically the male version of Christine Brinkley. It appears 64 never looked so good! So what’s the secret, Pierce? Well, while the former 007 agent hasn’t indulged us in his Dorian Grey-esque image, but he’s often pictured enjoying an early morning workout in the sunny California sunshine.

His son is also a model, which means being good looking is probably in the Brosnan genes. Sometimes, the genetic lottery decides who looks good and who doesn’t. Sigh.

14. Sheryl Crow (Age: 56)

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


The 54-year-old country crooner insists her youthful looks are natural and detests any form of surgical or cosmetic enhancements. Speaking about how procedures like Botox can actually make you look older, the cancer survivor said,” When you shoot yourself with Botox and stuff your rob yourself of your ability to have youthful expressions, and that’s sometimes why people look a lot older.”

You go, girl!

15. George Clooney (Age: 57)

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


The longtime lothario and heartthrob finally tied the knot to long-term love interest and human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in 2014. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is his looks. The silver fox, it still appears, really is like a fine wine; seeming only to improve with age.

Now adding tequila billionaire to his long list of achievements, looking good and being good at just everything appears to be a trademark Clooney isn’t keen to give up anytime soon.

16. Jim Parsons (Age: 45)

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


Has Jim Parsons taken on the intelligence of his much-loved Big Bang character Sheldon Cooper and devised his own anti-aging potion? We think so! He still looks like someone in their late 20s/early30s as opposed to someone well into their 40s!

One of Hollywood’s highest-paid t.v. actors, Jim Parsons is arguably the most famous gay actor in Hollywood and is often considered a poster boy for Hollywood’s LGBT community.

17. Jennifer Aniston (Age: 49) 

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


Jennifer Aniston is one of America’s sweethearts because she’s utterly fabulous and anyone who tells you otherwise is a hater, plain and simple. Anyway, now that’s out of the way, let’s get on to Jen’s age, which is just as remarkable as her career. Nearing the rip-old age of 50, Aniston’s appearance is easily that of someone in their early 30s.

So, who wants in on her beauty secret? Speaking about the benefits of microneedling (yes, you read that correctly), the star attributed the non-surgical procedure to her youthful glow. “I do micro-needling! I just learned about it a couple months ago from a facialist in New York. It allows the serums and whatever products you’re using to really soak in”

18. Jared Leto (Age: 46)

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


The multitalented artist has everything, doesn’t he? The voice. The acting chops. The looks. The charisma. The swagger. If we could just have an ounce of this dude’s talent, we’d all be delighted, but it’s even more unfair to know that Leto is 46! Yes, 46!

Most men in their mid-40s look haggard but not Leto. He’s living the bachelor life to a tee, and he looks all the better for it.

19. Halle Berry (Age: 51)

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


After living rough on the streets of New York, Halle Berry rose above adversity to become one of the world’s most celebrated actresses, and even at 51, she still looks like the stunning starlet that made her a global sex symbol in the 90s.

Berry’s 51 years really are astonishing, not least because she still finds time to volunteer in care homes and pursue other charitable endeavors, all while looking fabulous, so much so that Berry’s 51-year age looks more like 30.

20. William Shatner (Age: 86)

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


William Shatner’s Star Trek voyage may have long finished, but his vitality in the world of show business remains strong, with his 86 years not stopping him from doing what he loves most.

And while Shatner may not be the most handsome man on our list, he still looks remarkably good for his age, and could easily pass for someone in their 60s.

21. Sharon Stone (Age: 60)

21 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think!


She shocked millions with one sultry swing of the leg in the cult-classic ‘Basic Instinct,’ and now she’s doing the same with her flawless 60-year-old face. It’s quite remarkable and grossly unfair that someone can still look this sexy when most of us struggle to look kempt and presentable at 30!

Still, thanks to Stone, there’s hope for all of us!

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