20 Really Funny And Weird Things To Do As A Couple

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A relationship is healthy when it is balanced, with ingredients that are normal and weird along with being serious and funny. The reason why a couple acts weird and funny is that they don’t want their life to be monotonous from the daily routine, hence, prefer new adventures for an exciting bonding. After being for a while in a relationship, a couple starts loosening themselves with letting their guard down, which results in being true to one another.

This means a couple starts doing all those weird and funny things from getting a massage together to making love in risky places. Every couple indulges in strange activities to make that relationship perfect and exciting. Here are some of the weird and funny things that every couple do and are pretty comfortable doing it.

1. Go for a Couples Massage

All luxury spas around the world offer this spiciest remedy, which a couple can truly savor. There is nothing weird, but romantic like lying side-by-side and watching each other getting massaged in a soothing ambience, by professionals. You can also give each other a [email protected] tranquillizing massage at home.

funny weird things couple


2. Write a Love Letter

A relationship starts off with love letters being exchanged. Well, it may look weird after a lengthy relationship, to once again write love letters to each other. Try this funny method by handwriting the letters, sealing it and then mailing it from the local post office.

funny weird things couple


3. Jointly Cook Dinner 

Romance and food go hand-in-hand and nothing can be as intriguing when you jointly cook up a meal. No matter what weird dishes you cook individually, what really matters is the intent behind of celebrating the moment, through cooking and spending a colorful evening at home.

funny weird things couple


4. Be Awake All Night

In the early days of a relationship, you would spend sleepless nights chatting away till the wee hours of the morning. Well, this is the weird thing you can do all over again by spending all night chatting, watching movies, going for a night stroll or a long night drive.

funny weird things couple


5. Sing a Karaoke Duet

Drive down to a bar that has live performance band and on request, take the center stage with your partner and get down singing “Summer Nights” from the movie Grease. This may look weird and funny, but this will go down the memory lane for a lifetime.

funny weird things couple


6. Dress Up in a Costume For Halloween

If dreams can come true, why not make nightmares come true? If it’s Halloween night, then get the weird looks and costume of a zombie, along with your partner and hit the roads. Try and become the weirdest couple to win the Halloween night.

funny weird things couple


7. Kiss on Top of a Ferris Wheel

One day just enact like those romantic couples from the movies, by taking your better half on a giant Ferris Wheel at a local carnival and on reaching the very top, start smooching. This will be that one special moment to be remembered for days to come.

funny weird things couple


8. Watch the Sunset and Sunrise in One Day

Try and hit the terrace or your backyard in the early hours and view the sunrise together, all cuddled up. Later in the evening do the same with the sun setting. This moment will be the ultimatum of romance, that will balance your love life and make it complete.

funny weird things couple


9. Climb to the Top of a Mountain

Hit the road, climb the highest mountain peak and yell out your gut, shouting out each other’s name with ‘I love you’ the loudest you can. This will be one thrilling experience that will never be forgotten that soon.

funny weird things couple


10. Make Love in Risky Location

No risk no love. Get intimate when traveling in an airplane, quietly head to the restroom of a bar and makeout, do it on the rooftop or make love in a deserted alley. These are all the risk zones, where making love becomes adventurous and mind-blowing.

funny weird things couple

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