Nov 4, 2021

20 Most Hilarious Green Lantern Vs. Deadpool Memes

There are a lot of superheroes, some of which are funny, some witty and some outright serious. However, Deadpool is a name that has surprised us all. He is rated among the most hilarious and popular superheroes. The character of Deadpool is superbly played by Ryan Reynolds, and the original film’s success led to Deadpool 2 which is scheduled to release this summer. He really became very popular after playing Deadpool, but, as is well-known, he had previously tried his hand at playing the DC superhero Green Lantern which turned out to be the worst choice of his career. The film didn’t do anything great apart from being the inspiration behind countless funny memes. Today we present to you the compilation of the best Green Lantern Vs. Deadpool memes which will leave you in splits!

Source: Memerandom

This is funny

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The Dead Lantern

Learn to ignore

Shut Up Devil!

Oh Man!



Not Again!

In DC’s Den!

Hell Yeah!

Everybody Has A History!


Redemption Time!

Birds Of Same Feather!



One More Snickers!


Ryan Reynolds Forever!

Things You Don’t Say!