20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True

11. You’ve Got Mail (Nora Ephron)

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: Online Dating

Before the advent of online dating, people met potential partners by conversing with each other in person. But it didn’t have to be that way according to writer/director Nora Ephron.

When the film was released in 1994, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan looked for love via the unconventional method of online dating. Eighteen years later, however, and the tides seem to have turned. Nowadays, it almost seems rare if you haven’t met your partner via a dating app or online.

12. Morgan Robertson

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: The sinking of Titanic 

In her short story series, “Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan” Morgan Robertson chronicled how the largest passenger ship ever made collided into an iceberg and sank.

14 years later, the RMS Titanic sank exactly how Robertson depicted it would when her book was released in 1898.

13. H.G. Wells

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: The atomic bomb

Another great novelist to have predicted an event of cataclysmic proportions, H.G. Wells continued this trend in his novel “The World Set Free.” In it, Wells predicted that an atomic bomb dropped in a major city would impact future lives. 18 years after the book, the atomic bomb, thanks to the Manhattan Project, became a reality.

14. Tana Hoy

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: The Oklahoma bombings 90 minutes before it happened

People predicting terrorist attacks is nothing new- especially in today’s fragile political climate- but in 1995, during an interview with radio station WSQM, Tana Hoy believed a terrorist attack in the United States would take place that year, and that the location would be a federal building that would eclipse the damage done during the1993 World Trade Center bombing.

In freakish circumstances, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed 90 minutes later.

15. Jeffrey Palmer 

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters

The famous psychic Jeffery Palmer made a career out of making outlandish predictions, and though he naturally missed the mark with many of them, a high number of them came true, including the infamous Hurricane Katrina. He also correctly predicted a volcanic eruption and a fatal tsunami.

16. Edgar Cayce

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: World Wars I and II and the Great Depression

Nicknamed the“sleeping prophet,” for his clairvoyance, Edgar Cayce’s popularity peaked when he predicted the start and end of World Wars I and II, as well as the end date of America’s Great Depression. If that wasn’t mystic enough, he also predicted the death of the Great Depression-era president, Franklin Roosevelt.

17. Jeane Dixon

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: The assassination of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy

The stars aligned for Astrologer Jeane Dixon more than once when she made a series of startling predictions regarding the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Her predictions were so respected she was invited by First Lady Nancy Reagan for advice during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

18. Back to the Future Part II (Robert Zemeckis)

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: Flat-screen TVs and Skype-like communication

Back to the Future may have been a tad optimistic when it portrayed people in the year 2015 owning flying cars and self-tieing shoelaces but today’s flat-screen TVs and video-link communication devices were all gadgets imagined by the film’s writer and director, Robert Zemeckis.

19. Blade Runner (Directed by Ridley Scott, based on a novel by Philip K.Dick )

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: Digital billboards

Before the cult classic movie Blade Runner, eye-catching digital billboards were the stuff of make-belief, but as Ridley Scott envisioned, they weren’t too far away from becoming a staple part of modern-day advertising.

20. Philco-Ford

20 Astonishing Predictions That Actually Came True


Predicted: Online shopping and email in 1967

When Philco-Ford’s short film speculating the future of goods and services went viral in the mid-00s, it was so accurate Internet users presumed it was a hoax- but it wasn’t. A leading pioneer in electronics in the late 1800s and mid-1900s, Philco became one of the first companies to produce mass-produced radios, and the Ford Motor Company eventually purchased the company in 1961.

In recognition of their 75th anniversary, they produced a short film speculating on how electronic goods would look like in the future. The video was titled, “Year 1999 A.D” and prophesies how online shopping and “instant written communication between individuals anywhere in the world” would become a reality in the following century.

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