Nov 4, 2021

20 Amazingly Hot Pictures Of Brianna Hildebrand a.k.a Negasonic Teenage Warhead From Deadpool Movies

Deadpool 2 is a very anticipated movie after the franchise’s first film in 2016, fans have been waiting to see what adventure the Merc with a mouth and his team would be stepping into next. Stealing a part of the spotlight of this movie was Brianna Hildebrand, the 21 year-old actress, singer- songwriter, and comedian. She recently reprised her role of the X Men character, Negasonic Teenage Warhead in “Deadpool 2”. This character has major attitude and this makes it perfect for her to be acting alongside Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson).

Before this, she has made appearances in movies like Prism, The Voice Inside, First Girl I Loved, Deadpool, and Tragedy Girls. She is a go-getter and knows exactly where she wants her life to be heading. Apart from being the badass achiever that she is, Brianna is a super effervescent and stylish woman who believes that one should always keep it real.

Brianna had once said, “When you are younger, it feels like everybody’s opinion of you matters, but I think the older everyone gets, the less they feel like that.”

In the light of all this, we are now going to look through 10 amazing images and facts about of Brianna that will make you love her:

1) Brianna has a wonderful voice

One simply has to listen to her video that the actress had posted on Instagram. This video features her singing the song, “Havana.” She has a beautiful voice and sings with confidence and ease. While talking about the role of music in her life, she said,

“Music has always been my first love. I moved to LA wanting to pursue that and kind of falling into acting somehow by the grace of somebody in the sky. I do want to release music eventually but as of now I’ve been focusing a little more on the acting. In the next couple of months I want to start performing locally and really get my toes wet doing that because it’s something I’ve been itching to do for so long.”

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“…if you start living your life the way you want to now…People will gravitate towards you for who you are, and not who you’re trying to be. So just do you!”

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2) She is a talented writer

Writing has now become a lost art but here, Brianna can do magic with words which flow from her mind like water from an open tap. With pen and paper, the actress can draw, write and create a lot of magic.

“I draw a lot from journaling. I journal for Negasonic and that helps me get into character. Negasonic kind of reminds me of myself in high school, so I really connect with her on that level. I went through a goth phase in high school and I also went through a phase in my life when I was like, ‘I don’t know who I am! Who do I like? Why does it matter?’”

3) The actress has a stash of one-piece outfits

All of us love a jumper right? Brianna is no different and she actually has a passionate love for these kinds of clothing. She said she does not have time for two-piece ensembles and that a jumper is the easiest outfit to wear for a busy day.

While talking about her collection of jumpsuits, she said,

“I have like, seven rompers and probably like the same amount of jumpsuits. If it’s one piece and it’s got pants on the bottom, I probably own it. Comfort is my whole thing.”

4) She is a huge fan of Roxane Gay

Many of you would know Roxane as the American professor, writer, commentator, and editor. She is the author of the best-selling book, Bad Feminist, and Hunger. While Brianna was talking about Roxane and her books, she had this to say,

“She is a feminist black queer writer, and she also just so happened to write [a new comic book series, World of Wakanda] for Black Panther. I'm obsessed with her! I almost got to see her at a convention a couple months ago, and I was so sad that I didn’t see her. She’s my first love.”

5) She wants invisibility to be her superpower

Who does not want to be invisible? We can do almost anything we want without running the risk of being caught. Come to think of it, this is a pretty cool super power. The actress, Brianna also echoes these views:

“If I could have any superpower, it would be to be invisible so I could cut in lines. I mean flying would be cool, and it’s really difficult to choose just one, but I think I would still choose invisible because, yeah, to cut in line.”

6) She can’t help it, it is her “Resting Bitch Face.”

We all know that one person who on the outside has a resting bitch face but if you start talking to them, they are just a little sweet puppy on the inside and full of love and fun. Brianna is exactly like this. While talking about this aspect of her personality, she said,

“People are sometimes surprised to learn that I’m nice! At conventions, they’re all like, ‘Oh you’re so sweet and excited to be here.’ I think people sometimes forget that I’m playing a character or maybe they would prefer me to be Negasonic, which is chill too, because I relate to her sometimes. But I do also suffer from RBF, so that may be why people mistake me for being rude.”

7) She has a pump-up playlist which is great

When life gets Brianna down on her knees and feeling weary, the actress has her go-to artists who never fail to pump up her moods. Kehlani, Cardi B, and Beyonce have created songs that always lift up Brianna’s spirits.

“Cardi B gets everyone pumped right? She’s amazing! Right now I’m really loving a new disco song by Honne called ‘Just Dance.’ But I’ll throw on any of those artists’ songs if I want to get stoked about something. Or even if I'm on my way to an audition, I’ll just be living my life in the car. They always put me in a good mood.”

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8) She is a MORNING person

Not a lot of us are morning people. The sun hitting our face when we really do not want to wake up is the worst feeling. But for Brianna, every morning seems like an opportunity to do something new and seize the day:

“I definitely feel more powerful in the mornings. The early bird gets the worm, and obviously there are times when I don’t wake up early but the times that I do wake up early, it’s just like, ‘Oh yeah, I got all day to do all the things that I need to do.’”

9) Brianna at times has a little trouble opening up

Brianna has admitted that at times, she is scared to be herself and expose the real Brianna to the rest of the world. This is totally understandable as we live in a tough world where people are out to make judgments. While talking about this, she said,

“It probably is harder to be authentic and vulnerable with music [than with acting]. In this industry, it’s easy to be bullied into becoming somebody else or allowing someone to change your own opinions about things just because you want approval. Because if I’m acting, I’m being somebody else and I’m not worried about how other people are perceiving me. But with music, I’m performing what I’m feeling and [I’m wondering] what people are thinking about that. So it’s a little more difficult.”

10) She is super loyal to all she loves

Well, here, we are talking about sneakers. She loves them so much that the actress even goes to the extent of replacing her favorite pair of shoes over and over again.

“I’m always in Converse, which is weird, because I have a bit of a shoe obsession. I buy so many shoes but I always end up wearing the same Converse every day. I don’t know what it is, but since I was in high school, Converse have been my go-to shoes. I have a white leather pair of Converse with a black line—not the red line—and that’s the one that I get. I think I’ve bought those probably like three times in my lifetime!”




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