15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

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As that old saying goes, the show must go on. For five hours every week, the WWE goes live on televisions around the world to bring fans everywhere their weekly dose of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live and as any regular WWE viewer can tell you, when that camera turns on, anything can happen. As is the nature of live television, anything can go wrong at any moment. Wrestlers can be injured for the world to see, sometimes the odd swear word is even uttered over a hot microphone and yes, that also applies to wardrobe malfunctions.

Many members of the women’s locker room have fallen victim to the unscripted wardrobe malfunction over the years. After all, when you have a group of women battling it out while wearing very little clothing, body parts are bound to be exposed. It’s not like the wrestling organization is a stranger to scripted moments of flashing flesh either. Who could forget The Kat’s explicit celebration at Armageddon 1999 or Mae Young baring all during the 2000 Miss Royal Rumble Swimsuit Competition? However, for every moment of planned skin, there are just as many that were complete accidents.

The following list examines moments when the women of the WWE were accidentally exposed on live television. Sometimes a mid-match wardrobe malfunction was to blame, other times, embarrassing mishaps lead to the exposure. Either way, this list will truly make you value the importance of double-sided tape. Here are 15 women’s wrestlers who accidentally revealed more than they wanted to.


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

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If there’s anyone on the women’s roster who could be the face of the “Free The Nipple” campaign, it’s Nikki Bella. The Total Divas star has long been open about her love of going braless, a preference that can sometimes lead to the odd slip every now and again. Perhaps the most notable case of which occurred in 2014. At the time, Bella found herself in a storyline that saw her turn on her sister Brie in favor of aligning with The Authority, Stephanie McMahon.

That is until she was double-crossed by McMahon as well, who unleashed a beatdown on the former Divas Champion at the hands of Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Cameron. However, as McMahon stood over her, delivering her promo, it was hard not to notice a specific part of Bella peaking out of her top. It’s a moment that’s lived on in gifs in the years since and likely won’t go away anytime soon, as much a Bella may want it to.

14. AJ LEE

15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

Like we said earlier, the show must go on. Unlike the majority of the women on the WWE roster, AJ Lee never liked to wrestle in traditional gear, instead opting to throwdown in your standard jean shorts, a t-shirt and some Chuck Taylor’s and while this casual style probably made it a lot easier to duke it out in the ring, as she found out in 2013, it also made it easier for things to become exposed.

During a tag match with Dolph Ziggler against Natalya and The Great Khali, Lee’s shirt rode up while she was performing the finisher of the match, exposing her entire bra to the crowd. Ever the professional, Lee played it off and soldiered on, only re-covering herself when cameras cut away from her.


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

This next one, is the most recent entry on the list, proving that even in this post-divas’s revolution era of women’s wrestling, malfunctions still happen. While wrestling a match against Lana on Smackdown Live in August, Charlotte found herself in an embarrassing position when Lana accidentally pulled down her shorts while trying to execute a move, exposing her to the crowd.

To Charlotte’s credit, she was quick to make fun of the situation on Twitter, writing, “People will do anything to try to get the upper hand.” When her good friend Becky Lynch also poked fun at the error on Instagram, Charlotte replied, “I just wanted to give Toronto a good show,” a nod to where the taping had taken place. It’s nice to see she had a sense of humor about the situation.


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

If there’s anyone who knows about baring all to the WWE Universe, it’s Jacqueline. The veteran women’s grappler and Hall of Fame inductee found herself without clothes many-a-time during the Attitude Era, especially during her vicious rivalry with Sable. Who could forget the time her top was completely ripped off during a scripted moment in Capital Carnage, showing more than any WWE fan had ever seen before on a live broadcast? Well, months before fans got their first view of the celebrated Women’s Champion during a swimsuit competition that left nothing to the imagination.

The setup was this, tired of always being upstaged by his former wife Sable, Marc Mero decided to replace her with Jacqueline, the two teaming up against her to prove to the fan favorite diva that she wasn’t the hottest woman in the WWE. The storyline would culminate in a swimsuit contest at Fully Loaded 1998 in which the two would compete in bikinis that could barely be classified as swimwear. In fact, Jacqueline’s proved to be so revealing that at one point, her swimsuit came loose, revealing everything. While Sable may have ultimately won the contest, most teen boys watching would likely beg to differ.


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

While most of the entries on this list are the result of errors in wrestling or moments when the women of the WWE were wearing so little, a malfunction was all but inevitable, what makes this moment stand out is that a malfunction seemingly occurred while Brie Bella was doing practically nothing at all. In an effort to promote Total Divas in 2013, The Miz had the entire cast on his show-within-a-show Miz TV for a sitdown. During the segment, the ladies all sat in director’s chairs, dressed to the nines in evening gowns while the Intercontinental Champion interviewed them about the upcoming season.

However, when cameras cut to the Brie Mode practitioner, they got a lot more than they bargained for. It appears that, unbeknownst to Bella, her left breast had fallen out of her plunging neckline during the segment. Bella would take to Twitter to apologize for the mishap, releasing the following statement. “I apologize for my wardrobe malfunction. I’m embarrassed. It looks as though the humidity made my tape come off. You’ll never see that again.”


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

Unlike in Hollywood, there are no second takes in wrestling. The sport is performed live in front of audiences every single week, meaning if something goes wrong, you just have to work around it. It’s a phenomena that Dawn Marie learned all too well when an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 pay-per-view Judgement Day, lead to her needing to think on her feet to get through the rest of the match.

While executing a move during a bout with Torrie Wilson, Marie’s pants split wide open, exposing the entirety of her underwear. Despite this hindrance to her mobility, Marie somehow managed to soldier on in what would ultimately be a losing effort against the Boise, Idaho-native. The malfunction would prove to add a bit of excitement to what would ultimately turn out to be a forgettable match however, so at least some good came from it.


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

When Sasha Banks stepped into that steel cage against Charlotte Flair in the first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell match, it was a historic moment for many reasons. Not only was this the first time two women would step into the unforgiving structure, it was the first time two women would main event a WWE pay-per-view, seen by many as the culmination of a two-year fight for equality dubbed the “Women’s Revolution.” Which is why it’s so unfortunate that one of the biggest topics of conversation to come from the event was an unfortunate wedgie Banks experienced throughout the match.

After being manhandled (womanhandled?) throughout much of the second-half of the match by the reigning Queen of the WWE, the Legit Boss’s trunks became noticeably wedged, giving fans an extreme view of her legit behind. Despite this apparent setback, both competitors managed to put on an amazing match, stealing the show and proving that women could compete at the highest level just as well as the men.


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

It’s fitting that this WrestleMania was stylized as WrestleMania XXX because man, did it ever live up to its name. At WrestleMania 30 in 2014, 14 women stepped into the ring to compete in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational. It’s a match that would ultimately see AJ Lee come out on top. However, perhaps the most eventful part of the bout (and Cameron’s career in general) would see the former-Funkadactyl’s top busted open while tussling with Emma.

While cameras caught very little with her back being to the camera and all, it’s likely that fans nearby got quite the show. It’s a match that would prove to be steeped in controversy in more ways than one after Lee reportedly won by moving Naomi’s hand to make it look like she had submitted. The match would be the first and only time the Diva’s Championship was defended at WrestleMania.


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

Kaitlyn may not have been on the WWE roster long, but in the time she was there, she sure made an impact. In fact, there was a time when she was one of the most exciting women in the division, particularly when she was squaring off against another female powerhouse, her biggest rival and real life best friend, AJ Lee. For months Lee tormented the fitness model, playing mind games with her and even getting her enforcer, Big E Langston to trick her into thinking he was her secret admirer before publicly humiliating her on national television. Suffice it to say, when the time came for the two to finally unload on each other, it was explosive. So explosive in fact, that not everything could be contained.

After losing the Divas Championship to Lee at Payback 2013, Kaitlyn decided to take out some aggression on the unpredictable femme fatale, jumping her in the ring and giving her a throttling. While Lee would escape the attack, Kaitlyn would find her chest had also escaped her signature tank top during the beatdown. It’s a blink-and-you’d-miss-it moment as the former champion was quick to fix her neckline, however, for anyone quick with the pause button, it’s certainly a moment they won’t soon forget.


15 Times WWE Divas Accidentally Revealed A Little Too Much

This next moment was so bad, it ended up taking out the broadcast with it. Back in the early-2010s, women’s matches weren’t exactly looked at with the same excitement they are today. In fact, a tag match between Natalya, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae and Layla would have sent a lot of people for a bathroom break a few years ago. However, little did those people know, they’d be missing the “worst wardrobe malfunction in history,” if they did. During the match, Mendes decided to climb the ring apron in order to give her partner Natalya a helping hand. However, when Layla grabbed her tights to pull her down, she ended up pulling her pants down as well, exposing her entire behind, forcing the feed to momentarily cut out.

It’s a moment that was captured by Total Divas cameras, Paige and Alicia Fox calling it the worst malfunction they’d ever seen. Mendes was understandably mortified by the whole ordeal, Layla comforting her by saying, “If you would have bent over just a little bit more, we would have seen your whole thing.” Words she surely took comfort in.

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