15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

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Barack Obama, when he was the President of the USA, was considered to be one of the best among his countrymen and people all over the world. However, every person has his secrets that he wouldn’t want to come in the public eye, isn’t it? Here is a list of a secret that the Obamas tried to hide when he was the President.

1. Malia smoking marijuana

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

It was indeed a shocker for the Obamas when photos of Malia Obama’s picture smoking marijuana went viral. She was attending a party with friends, and she was caught doing something that was illegal in the US.

2. Smoking habit

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15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

When Barack Obama was the President, he declared in many interviews and speeches that he had quit the habit of smoking. However, pictures suggested otherwise. When the pictures from the G7 went viral, Obama was seen holding a pack of cigarettes, much to his embarrassment.

3. Extremely high tuition fees

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

You would be surprised to know that the tuition fees of Obama’s daughters are much higher than what students paid for Ivy League schools in the US. While we all know that Obama campaigned for higher education all the time, we are sure he wouldn’t have wanted the world to know about the prestigious education his daughters got at the Sidwell Friends private school.

4. Not the perfect couple always

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

During a vacation to Hawaii, Barack and Michelle were seen having a heated argument, a post which the former President was seen storming off the place with his daughters back to Washington DC. Michelle had to return alone later.

5. Sasha’s medical condition

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

As an infant, Sasha Obama suffered from a terrible medical condition called meningitis. This created quite a scare among the Obamas. However, Sasha did well to recover well. This is one of the main reasons as to why Obama was so obsessed with improving the healthcare system of the US.

6. Weakness for women

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

Though it was nothing serious, the former President did have a weakness for beautiful women. He was noticed staring at good-looking women at social gatherings and events. It was also quite obvious that Michelle Obama was quite insecure about this fact and she even switched seats of her husband at events.

7. Mysterious “business trips.”

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

Barrack Obama had a confidential team of secret services which were more of his assistants. They had a track of all his “business trips” and other affairs, but it is believed that Obama used them to keep these details very secretive. These agents didn’t reveal these details to Michelle also.

8. Selfie during a memorial service

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

We all knew that Obama was one of the best-behaved US Presidents the world had ever seen. However, even he had his weak moments when he was spotted taking a smiling selfie during a solemn memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

9. Frequent travels

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

One of the major complaints about the Obamas was that they traveled a lot – more than any of the first families before! Since they used private jets and luxury resorts due to security reasons, the White House had to bear huge expenses every year towards the Obamas’ travel escapades.

10. Double standards

15 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family

While he was the President, Obama campaigned for equal pay for men and women at their workplaces. However, in complete irony, women working in the White House were paid at least 13% lesser than the male workers. Shocking double standards, indeed!

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