15 Of The World’s Largest Sports Stadiums

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Some stadiums are so big they can host populations equivalent to small cities. And that’s incredibly remarkable when you consider that many stadiums on this list host college football matches, events which aren’t even professional. But America isn’t the only country in the world where sporting events attract an ecclesial-like following.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

Also included on this list are various soccer stadiums, due to the simple fact that soccer is by far the most watched sport in the world. Some stadiums on this list even host sporting events you’ve probably never even heard of before!

Here are 15 of the world’s biggest sports stadiums.

15. Sanford Stadium – 92,746 capacity

Like many stadiums in America, the Sanford Stadium is an open bowl, leaving spectators with little shelter should the heavens descend into anarchy. Although being home to the Georgia Bulldogs since 1929, we’re sure students at the University of Georgia in Athens won’t care too much, such is the raucous atmosphere the fans generate.

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15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

Interestingly, the Sanford Stadium also played host to the 1996 Olympic soccer tournament, which would see the underestimated Nigerian men’s team win gold.

14. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (93,607)

Los Angeles isn’t a city typically associated with sports, with the glitzy world of show business the city’s number one attraction. However, America’s second city still possesses the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which was the first to host the summer Olympics twice (1932 and 1984).

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

What’s more, when Los Angeles had an NFL team in the 80s and 90s, the stadium played host to the LA Raiders, as overzealous fans created an intimidating atmosphere that would become known as the “Black Hole.”

Yet The Raiders swapped L.A. for Oakland in 1994, and the stadium has remained without a professional team since, as legal rows persist over who’s exactly responsible for the maintenance.

13. Soccer City-  94,713 capacity

Aptly named Soccer City following its re-development, South Africa’s premier stadium in the capital Johannesburg played host to the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final as Spain overcame Holland to lift the coveted trophy, but the stadium has an illustrious history that goes far beyond a World Cup Final.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

Going back to the 1980s, it was in the same stadium where a recently released Nelson Mandela gave his first speech following his release from prison.

12. Estadio Azteca – 95,500 capacity

The Colossus of Saint Ursula’ as locals nickname it is a spectacular stadium in the Mexican capital that happens to have hosted not 1 but 2 World Cup finals since its build in 1966.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

For a nation obsessed with soccer, the stadium’s use has never been in doubt, and it is regularly filled whenever the national team plays, though English fans will be less than enamored with the place. It was in that very stadium, after all, where Diego Maradona, one of the sport’s greats, scored his infamous Hand of God goal.

11. Camp Nou – 99,786 capacity

With international stars like Neymar, Suarez, and Messi included in their esteemed team’s roster, Barcelona is a club synonymous with greatness as well as history and prestige, and their stadium is no exception.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

Finished in 1957, the Camp Nou is currently the biggest soccer stadium in the world used solely by one club, and one of the rare few where the pitch is below ground level.

10. Melbourne Cricket Ground – 100,024 capacity

Australia’s number one sport is cricket, a sport, much like baseball, that some people adore and most others loathe. If you’re in the latter camp, it may, however, be best to keep that to yourself if you happen to be in the ground, with almost every fan as passionate as the next.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

Characterized by its famed circular sweep, each seat offers a clear-to-see view of the circular pitch with the stadium also hosting Aussie Rules matches. It is also one of the rare few stadiums in the world that are protected by a National Heritage List.

9. Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium – 100,119 capacity

Another football stadium on this list is the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, home to College football team the Texas Longhorns who play their games in front of little over 100,000 spectators-  making it the largest stadium out of the Big 12, and the second in the state.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

And with the team being worth a whopping $115m, such is the frenzied following the team has, such figures almost make up for the team’s title drought.

8. Bryant-Denny Stadium – 101,821 capacity

Playing in front of 101,821 people can be intimidating enough, let alone when the team’s fans have built up a feared reputation for their unwavering support and vocal opposition the moment opposing players so much as touch the ball.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

Led by coach Nick Saban, the Crimson Tide’s football program is widely considered one of the best in the country.

7. Tiger Stadium – 102,321 capacity

Ominously nicknamed Death Valley, THE LSU Tigers’ Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is so large that if you were to count it as a city, it would be the fifth largest by population in the entire state.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

Located on the campus of Lousiana State University, the stadium was initially opened in 1924 with a capacity of just 24,000, with renovations in the intervening years bringing its capacity up to an incredible 102,321.

6. Neyland Stadium – 102,455 capacity

The Neyland Stadium hosts the Tennessee Vols’ who can boast legendary quarterback Peyton Manning as their star alumni.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

The stadium gets its name from the much-loved UT coach Robert Neyland, who from the 3 separate periods he was a coach (1926 to 1934, 1936 to 1940, and 1946 to 1952) won an impressive 4 National Championships.

5. Kyle Field – 102,512 capacity

College football being an obsession in America is nothing new, but when you consider that many University stadiums boast bigger sizes than the Dallas Cowboys’ $2billion AT&T Stadium, it is certainly an impressive feat. Built in 1904, Kyle Field has been the home of the Texas A&M Aggies ever since.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

Known as the ‘Home of the 12th Man’ due to the ardent support of the team’s fans, playing at Kyle Field is a daunting proposition for any opposing player.

4. Ohio Stadium – 104,944 capacity

The aptly named Ohio Stadium is renowned for their marching band’s beautifully precise and delicate choreographies while the baying sounds from fans regularly lead to crescendos of well-rehearsed anthems.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

The team itself, known as the Ohio State Buckeyes, have recorded an impressive set of results in the Big 10 leagues in recent years, with 2014 seeing their much-loved football team crowned national champions.

3. Beaver Stadium – 107,572 capacity

Beaver Stadium is located in Pensylvania and is home to the Penn State Nittany Lions who attract thousands of screaming fans each week to their matches and are thus as feared as any other College team in the country.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

This was even proven in a poll to determine the best student crowds in the country, with the Lions’ fans coming up trumps.

2. Michigan Stadium – 107,601 capacity

Nicknamed “The Big House” Michigan Stadium is the biggest college football stadium in the world, with the Wolverines attracting attendances of over 115,000 on special occasions.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

And whilst the largest-ever college football crowd was recorded there when an encounter between the Wolverines and their bitter rivals, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish attracted 115,109 spectators, a pre-season friendly between European soccer powerhouses Manchester United and Real Madrid drew a whopping 109,000 people- the most ever for a men’s soccer match in America.

1. Rungrado 1st of May Stadium – 150,000 capacity 

The largest stadium in the world by capacity, North Korea’s Rungrado 1st of May Stadium seats a spectacular 150,000 people, with the stadium playing host to the men’s national soccer team and various athletics events.

15 Of The World's Largest Sports Stadiums

The stadium also hosts the Mass Games, an event organized to celebrate the leadership of Kim II-sung.

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