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15 Disturbing Movie Scenes We Never Wanted To See

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5. The Dead Baby In Trainspotting (1996)

15 Disturbing Movie Scenes We Never Wanted To See

Here is another movie about the negative outcome of chronic heroin use. Unlike Aronofsky’s Requiem, however, Danny Boyle’s 1996 masterpiece has some elements of dark humor. The drug-addicted protagonists’ behavior is exemplary of self-destruction. And yet, the only victim of their heroin obsessed daily routine happens to be an innocent baby. In this particularly disturbing scene, Sick Boy (Johnny Lee Miller) checks on his own kid in the crib, and the camera ruthlessly shows us what he sees – the body of a pretty much dead-looking infant. We clearly get the message – this is what happens to the little ones dependent on grown-ups who, on their part, are dependent on heroin. The point is you don’t often see a purple corpse of a baby girl in a movie! Danny Boyle certainly knows how to score big.

4. “Delivering” The Baby In Inside (2007)

15 Disturbing Movie Scenes We Never Wanted To See

We couldn’t find a single still image of that scene online. You wonder why? OK, let us draw you a picture. For starters, there is this psychotic woman who always wears black. On Christmas Eve, she breaks into the house of pregnant Sarah (Alysson Paradis) with the intention to steal her unborn baby. The enigmatic intruder is equipped with scissors for the bigger part of the movie. And once she is done with poor Sarah, she does… oh, no! What? The psycho cuts open Sara’s belly and simply pulls the baby out of the lifeless body of its mother. The directors, Maury and Bustillo, do not spare their audience a single moment of this sadistic act – the camera is as steady as it can get.

If you are a horror movie fan, then you will certainly vote Inside one of the best ones that appeared in the last decade.

3. Offing The Captives In Salò (1975)

15 Disturbing Movie Scenes We Never Wanted To See

The longer title under which this movie is known is 120 Days of Sodom, which is pretty much self-explanatory of what one should expect to see in this 116-minute drama. But if, for some reason, you have missed seeing it, here is in short what is going on: A small group of fascist philanderers capture nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to 120 days of physical, [email protected] and mental abuse. The director Pier Paolo Pasolini made his captives suffer the most unthinkable tortures – from fecal eating to sodomy. And as if the humiliation and pain wasn’t enough, he comes up with the most horrific grand finale scene in which the teens are murdered slowly using different techniques. One gets his tongue pulled out, another her eyes cut out, and there is this kid who’s scalped.

We don’t know people who’ve gone through this scene and haven’t lost their appetite for days.

2. Cavity Inspection In Hunger (2008)

15 Disturbing Movie Scenes We Never Wanted To See

Hunger is the story of Bobby Sands, an IRA member who leads inmates in a Northern Ireland prison in a hunger strike. Director Steve McQueen’s camera cannot be more cruel and persistent in capturing all the atrocities the prisoners face while behind the bars. One of the most mind-racking scenes is when the prisoners are dragged out of their cells and are forcibly inspected by police with batons. They are lifted above a mirror placed on the ground, so that it will be more convenient for the guards to check if they are hiding something up their rectums. The scene would have been truly unbearable to watch if it wasn’t for the brilliant camera work. Apparently, the moral is: even the ugliest butt may look nice when shown from the right angle.

1. Self-Mutilation In Antichrist (2009)

15 Disturbing Movie Scenes We Never Wanted To See

If there is a ranking for the most depressing movies, Lars von Trier’s Antichrist will top it. He himself has stated in a couple of interviews that the movie was shot during a period of deep personal depression. We can tell! Throughout the whole movie, one can feel the intense and persistent feeling of self-hatred that a husband and wife experience after the accidental death of their baby. The man (Willem Dafoe) and the woman (Charlotte Gainsbourg) constantly hurt each other in the most incredible of ways, but Gainsbourg wins the grand prize for the most odious act of self-abuse. During a moment of intense self-pleasuring, she gets hold of a rusty pair of scissors and cuts off her… part of her lady bits.

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