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15 Celebrities Who Put Their Children Up For Adoption

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11. President Grover Cleveland

Even presidents have histories they probably wish were concealed from the public, especially President Grover Cleveland, who had an illegitimate child with Mary Halpin.

15 Celebrities Who Put Their Children Up For Adoption

After giving birth, Halpin and Cleveland, who remains the only president in American political history to serve two non-consecutive terms as president, agreed to hand the baby over to the mental asylum where the child was born,

By age 5, the child was officially adopted by a doctor working at the asylum called James King. Halpin then swore under oath that Cleveland had raped her and Cleveland eventually agreed to pay child support after initially denying the child was his.

12. Queen Elizabeth I

If you’re a fan of the British monarchy, you might already know that the woman dubbed The Virgin Queen was anything but. According to an age-old myth, she had a child with her boyfriend, Robert Dudley.

15 Celebrities Who Put Their Children Up For Adoption

However, because the child was born before marriage, it is thought they secretly gave the child up, though due to Elizabeth’s public outings, it is unlikely she would have been able to conceal the bump.

13. Lord Byron

The esteemed poet and wordsmith had a remarkable, insatiable appetite for women, and he is often heralded as one of history’s foremost lotharios, so it’s not that shocking that Lord Byron has been involved in the adoption of one of his children.

15 Celebrities Who Put Their Children Up For Adoption

According to the history books, Byron had an out of wedlock daughter with Claire Clairmont, who was Mary Shelley’s stepsister. Clairmont was thought to be incredibly starstruck by Byron and raised the baby on her own for 15 months before she gave her up to Byron, who changed her name from Alba to Allegra and took her to Italy.

Sadly, only a few years later, Byron gave her up for adoption, and Allegra died a year later in a local convent.

14. Strom Thurmond

A staunch racist Senator during the segregation era, Strom Thurmond was keen to keep it that way, so it surprised many when the mother of his illegitimate child was a black woman.

15 Celebrities Who Put Their Children Up For Adoption

Indeed, after Thurmond passed, it was confirmed that he had [email protected] relations with a 16-year-old black maid, Carrie Butler, who worked in his home. In the end, Thurmon and Carrie’s child was adopted by her older sister and her husband.

Essie Mae was told about her biological parents but kept Thurmond’s secret until after his death for reasons that are still unknown. Thurmond’s family have since welcomed Essie into their lives’.

15. Gavin Rossdale

The frontman of the British rock outfit Bush and ex-husband of pop star Gwen Stefani is the father to the model Daisy Lowe after an affair with her mother, Pearl Lowe, who was, at that point, married to a doctor called Bronner Handwerger.

15 Celebrities Who Put Their Children Up For Adoption

Unbeknown to the father, Handwerger raised Daisy believing she was his biological daughter until the age of 14 when DNA tests confirmed suspicions that Rossdale, who acted as her Godfather, was instead Daisy’s biological father.

What drama!

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