15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry

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15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books

Black Panther has a prominent place among superheroes in comic books. Jointly created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, Black Panther was the first portrayal of a non-stereotype black superhero. As the ruler of Wakanda, T’Challa revealed that the black people had a lot more to them than what was believed by the rest of the world. Wakanda came across as an extremely wealthy African nation, inhabited by warriors and was far more technologically advanced than any other country. Over the last more than 50 years, Black Panther has become a lot more popular and has been a part of the biggest crossover events from Marvel. He was married to Storm and his association with the Fantastic Four embedded him in all areas of the Marvel Universe.

Fans have waited for almost an eternity to see T’Challa’s big screen debut. When we heard about the MCU’s launch, everyone speculated how much time would they take before bringing Black Panther into the movies. Chadwick Boseman finally made a stunning debut in Captain America: Civil War. He rocked as the African origin superhero and led to a great hype about Black Panther. The Black Panther’s first-day advance ticket sales were the best ever for any Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Every trailer that was released further amped the buzz and we witnessed fans launching crowdfunding campaigns to organize neighborhood screenings. To further ramp up the euphoria, there were a large number of memes which did the rounds on the internet. We have compiled the best memes originating from the Kingdom of Black Panther.

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Since he was the only character who had appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as X-Men films, it was quite expected to see Quicksilver get greatly scrutinized. His sad death in Avengers: Age of Ultron became the butt of jokes. A speedster who wasn’t fast enough to dodge bullets? That was quite lame, especially when we have seen how the X-Men version of the same character managed to save almost everybody from an exploding house. Things look even worse when you take into account the fact that normal heroes such as Hawkeye and Black Widow have survived bullet injuries, and they don’t get shot anyway.

There are no such issues with Black Panther though because his vibranium based suit is bulletproof. Also, there is the fact that he is clever enough to work out how to save everyone else without giving up his own life. Unfortunately, Quicksilver has become an eternal source of jokes related to MCU.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


Another fantastic adaptation of the iconic “get this man” dialog featured one of Danny Rand’s most irritating habits. Heroes generally prefer being secretive about their identities, especially in the Netflix universe. Agreed, we all know who Luke Cage is, but, he doesn’t go around shouting about it from rooftops. To viewers’ dismay, Danny loves doing that. If you were to drink a shot every time he mentioned it, you would be out by the time episode 2 started.

In fact, almost every time he comes across someone in his show and The Defenders, he starts harping about how he is the Iron Fist. It is definitely not the best strategy if you wish to stay out of the ‘Hand’s attention. This also landed him in an asylum, because nobody could believe his outrageous story. Fortunately, T’Challa had a clue on how he can turn around things for the second season.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books

13. TERRIBLE 2017

Late in 2017, a great deal of talk was going on about how it was a terrible year. From insane politics to tragedies to natural calamities, the year turned out to be quite traumatic. In fact, it felt like one big compilation of bad news days. Among the worst things about last year was the return of disgusting and blatant racism. That’s why the need for Black Panther was never greater than now.

The one real bright spark at the end of the tunnel was that audiences had 2018 to look ahead to. Thankfully, the film released and turned out to be an even bigger blockbuster than expected. Now the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War will see Thanos land on Earth on May 4. That’s the kind of treat we all deserve after having suffered a terrible 2017.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


The Avengers: Infinity War trailer shows T’Challa in some fantastic scenes, and the best was when he said about Captain, “someone get this man a shield!” That was a remarkable scene, and it instantly let the viewers know that Steve was staying at Wakanda and that he was all set to join hands with Black Panther. That was the line which became the inspiration of countless memes, and it has really made a positive difference to the world.

This particular meme is set in Civil War when Vision tried to keep Wanda distracted by cooking her favorite food, only to realize that he needed Paprika. T’Challa is quite delighted to help. Although it is not a key moment for Vision, it is among the many which show him making an effort to live like humans.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


After The Avengers, the one film that the fans eagerly looked forward to, was Captain America: Civil War. 12 films were already out to introduce the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes; the audiences ultimately managed to watch the cinematic adaptation of the most renowned Marvel event featuring Team Captain vs. Team Iron-Man. Another highly exciting thing about this film was the fact that Black Panther was going to make his big screen debut in MCU.

We were not disappointed by the King of Wakanda. Chadwick Boseman looked regal as well as intense, and he dominated all the scenes that he was a part of. It ultimately led to his setting up an opportunity to see his character become an integral part of the next phase of MCU films. Civil War demonstrated that Marvel Studios has some grand plans for Black Panther and the trailers for Infinity War reiterate that.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


The cast of Black Panther is truly epic as far as comic book films are concerned. Each character is brought to life by a fan favorite from one or the other nerd movie. In a bizarre way, the film turned out to be a sort of Lord of the Rings reunion. We saw Martin Freeman (Everett Ross) who had played Bilbo in The Hobbit, as well as Andy Serkis (Ulysses Klaue) who had played Gollum. The two actors had a reunion while being on the opposite sides in the Wakanda.

Freeman’s character Ross happens to be a diplomat who is working as a liaison guy in Wakanda who is trying to know more about the mysterious country. Serkis is coming back as a weapons dealer and the villainous Klaw. Therefore, Lord of the Rings fans had extra incentive to watch Black Panther.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


Right from the time he first appeared in 1966, there has never been a better time for Black Panther to join the mainstream. If we had seen a genius and powerful black guy who took on stereotypes and belonged to a wealthy and incredibly advanced African country, back at the height of the civil rights movement, the impact would have been huge.

Yet again we are at a stage where an icon like T’Challa must be seen by as many eyes as possible. It was highly encouraging to see the kind of excitement the film generated among all categories of audiences. Marvel Cinematic Universe is famous for watering down its stories. Therefore, it was great to hear Kevin Feige say that the film aims to pay tribute to the hero’s history and impact.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


Robert Downey Jr is the guy who set the ball rolling, and he has been seen in more  Marvel Cinematic Universe films than anybody else. Tony Stark is the face of The Avengers, and he is visible everywhere. Although Black Panther’s cast has a few white actors, the cast is dominated by black actors. That’s why RDJ would be needed to put in extra effort to look native to Wakanda.

By the looks of it, Downey might have already found the best character to do this. It is none other than his extremely method Aussie actor Kirk Lazarus from the movie Tropic Thunder. He has played the character of a black man in the entire film. It is only Downey who managed to convert this entirely offensive plot into a funny Oscar-nominated work. You know how Kirk can do anything to get into a Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


There is no doubt that Michael B. Jordan is incredibly talented and he displayed his skills in movies such as Creed, Fruitvale Station, and Chronicle. The biggest blunder on his portfolio is his first shot at a Marvel film, Fantastic Four. In that film, he played Johnny Storm/Human Torch, and it is rated as the worst Fantastic Four movie ever. Jordan tried his best, but, he had to deal with a terrible story, and there was nobody who could have made it work.

He played the villain Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. An enemy of T’Challa who wishes to take over the throne. Barring Loki, MCU hasn’t really done well with villains. Therefore,  Killmonger’s great success has been a refreshing change. In fact, this performance will make everyone forget his past debacle. That’s how it happened in the case of Chris Evans.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


It has been a topic of debate among nerds for many years, but, nobody is sure who is the most powerful superhero. Although the debates usually center around Batman v Superman, but, we have a compelling case for Black Panther.

His link to the Panther God gave him several powers such as super strength, speed, healing and immunity from magic. But, the most significant power of T’Challa is derived from his constant martial arts training, hunting, and tracking skills. Put in the mix his intellect and wealth and it is clear to see who is the really powerful guy. We didn’t see the full range of his abilities in Civil War, but, Black Panther gave him ample opportunity to prove that he is Batman and Superman merged into one. If you need more reason, he is also a king!

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


Whenever you see him on screen, Anthony Mackie happens to be the most hilarious guy. His barbs with Bucky in Civil War were truly iconic. However, there was this one tiny scene where he first met the Black Panther. He almost asked him “you like cats?” That was really funny because as the Falcon, Sam hears only bird jokes and nobody has ever cracked a cat joke on the king. In fact, he was even ridiculed for wearing a bird’s costume.

It all became too funny because everybody has been told by the Saturday morning cartoons that cats love eating birds. Therefore, one thing is assured that it will all get funnier when Sam reaches Wakanda during Infinity War.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


The iconic Disney film The Lion King is world famous for its family and courage based theme. It is so popular probably because of its familiarity. Whenever you pause and give it a thought, T’Challa is a prince from Africa who must face his destiny and lead his people after his father’s death. He has a loyal friend group who support his battle against someone greedy for the throne.

Disney is remaking The Lion King, but, it might not be as big a success as Black Panther. Add a couple of Elton John numbers, and the stories are identical. We already saw how Chadwick Boseman sang and danced as James Brown, so there is no doubt about his skills. Let’s get that mashup going soon.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


After Justice League was released, a lot of controversies erupted about the contrasting styles of the two filmmakers. Zack Snyder is renowned for the darker, matured take whereas Joss Whedon blends humor and sci-fi into a signature genre. Justice League showed the clash of the two styles, resulting in a conflicted movie.

Therefore, it is obvious that if Snyder had made Black Panther, it would have been very different from a Whedon made Black Panther. It is easy to imagine that Snyder’s version would be full of violence, whereas Whedon’s version will be funny and more family oriented. Although it is fun to think of, none of them could have beaten this fantastic Ryan Coogler film.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


The one thing that the Black Panther successfully did then it was the fact that it demonstrated to the whole world and not only comic book fans about how fabulous T’Challa is. He has the powers of all mainstream superheroes put together. Courtesy the Vibranium resources of Wakanda and the advanced technology; the African nation is so wealthy that it doesn’t depend on any outside support. As a warrior nation, Wakanda can protect itself from any attacks.

The king T’Challa is blessed with the Black Panther’s powers such as stronger senses and agility. But, he has also spent a great deal of his time mastering martial arts, learning various languages, furthering his scientific know-how and becoming an expert diplomat. There is nothing that Tony Stark can do to overtake Black Panther, and he better accepts the truth.

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books


The iconic T’Challa dialog “get this man” has been given an epic stature by mixing it with the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians face a great deal of problems, and almost all of them are critical as well as emotional, and even ridiculous. But, the team has generally managed to laugh in the face of adversity, and that’s how T’Challa takes on his problems. While nobody really wants Groot to learn speaking more words, we know he is already perfect.

The only guy who might be misplaced is Star-Lord because his father was a homicidal madman who killed kids from the other part of the galaxy. It is nothing to joke about. Since we are discussing this, it is not funny to joke about Drax’s family’s death as well. However, the Guardians are limitless and why should we restrict ourselves?

15 Best Black Panther Memes Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | Best Of Comic Books

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