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15 Most Awkward Moments Captured On Camera

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59 Funny And Tragically Awkward Wedding Photos

Practising an essential skill

This girl looks like she has discovered a new way of eating a banana. The way she is trying to eat the banana and that too without even bothering to peel it gives a very different meaning to her actions. We just hope that this was not what we are thinking and there is some simple and innocent explanation for the actions of this girl. However, We think that this photo is staged as no one will be able to capture such image without the consent of the person in the photo.

15 Most Awkward Moments Captured On Camera

Feeling hot

It looks like that the girl in this photo is not able to tolerate the heat and therefore she is taking off her clothes. However, it seems that she has forgotten that she is not wearing anything underneath her t-shirt.She is totally unaware that she is showing quite a bit of her bosom when she is removing her t-shirt. We hope that someone stopped her before she completely bared herself in front of people.

15 Most Awkward Moments Captured On Camera

Playing with balls

This tennis player seems to be engrossed in playing with her bosom. Maybe she is adjusting her inner wear so that she is comfortable while playing the game. However, we have to say that the court is not the place to do such adjustments to your attire as there is an audience who is watching each and every movement of the players. Someone should have warned her about the possibility of being photographed in such a weird position.

15 Most Awkward Moments Captured On Camera

Bouncing cheerleaders

These cheerleaders look like they are really happy because their team has won the game, but in the enthusiasm of the well-played game, some of the cheerleaders forgot that their dresses are too short and they are also prone to blow upwards with slight movement. The photographer was able to take a perfect snap of the backside of one of the cheerleaders.One good thing about this is that her face is not visible so there is less possibility of revealing the identity of that particular cheerleader.

15 Most Awkward Moments Captured On Camera

Censoring the wrong person

It seems that the boy in this photo is making sure that the board is perfectly attached to the clothes of the woman in the photo, but the angle in which the photo is taken makes this photo a very naughty one. We think that someone else should have performed this last minute check because this is really a very compromising position for both of them even though there is nothing wrong happening there.

15 Most Awkward Moments Captured On Camera

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