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15 Actors You Never Hear About Anymore

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11. Mira Sorvino

Unless you were born before 1980, you probably wouldn’t be aware of Mira Sorvino unless you’ve seen her films, which garnered her both an Oscar and a Golden Globe. With such accolades, you’d think Sorvino would be able to pick whatever projects she wanted, but aside from the odd film, Sorvino hasn’t had much of a look-in with casting directors, and the reason why is incredibly sad.

15 Actors You Never Hear About Anymore

According to intel from the acclaimed Kiwi director Peter Jackson, Sorvino was blacklisted from motion pictures by Harvey Weinstein after Sorvino was brave enough to file a harassment lawsuit against him.

12. Ashley Judd

Another actress to come undone by the disgraced movie mogul’s [email protected] deviancy was Ashley Judd. While her career didn’t have the critical kudos of Sorvino’s, Judd was nonetheless a promising actress, who sadly faded into obscurity once she came into contact with the former Miramax executive.

15 Actors You Never Hear About Anymore

Refusing to accompany Weinstein to his hotel room, the arriviste producer didn’t waste time in blacklisting her from Hollywood.

13. Alyson Hannigan

How I Met Your Mother made its lead stars incredibly rich, and Alyson Hannigan, whose previous credits included lead roles in the Scary Movie franchise and Buffy tv series, probably never has to work again after the show’s worldwide success. Since the show wrapped, Hannigan has only appeared in guest roles and a TV movie.

15 Actors You Never Hear About Anymore

But when you’re married to Buffy co-star Alexis Denisof and happen to be filthy rich, finding work as an actress probably isn’t the most important thing in the world to Hannigan anymore.

14. Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton was one of the most recognizable faces on television when she burst onto the scene as the misunderstood rich girl Marisa Cooper in the Josh Schwartz coming-of-age drama, The O.C.

15 Actors You Never Hear About Anymore

Unfortunately, Barton couldn’t quite grapple with the complexities that came with the show’s success, and she has since been hospitalized, had a string of ill-fated relationships and is currently in the process of suing her mother for lost earnings.

15. Jack Gleeson

Everyone’s favorite tv villain was so convincing in his role that he was despised by hardcore Game of Thrones fans who were probably so caught up in the escapist elements of the show that they actually believed an affable, young Irish actor was the living embodiment of King Joffrey!

15 Actors You Never Hear About Anymore

The hate got so intense that Gleeson reportedly retired from acting after GoT fans continuously took to social media to call him out! The price you pay for being a good actor nowadays.

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