Nov 4, 2021

14 Epic Batman Slapping Robin Memes

Almost everyone is a Batman fan, and this character has grown to change our idea of a superhero. Making Batman memes is the right road to awesomeness. Surely, you would have come across at least one ‘Batman Slapping Robin’ meme. This started on 4chan and Reddit and then spread all over the internet. The popular meme features Batman slapping Robin, mid-sentence and interrupts his side-kick. It has been changed to a few epic memes over the years. Here are 15 hilarious and unique Batman and Robin memes:

14. Jar-Jar – Let’s make fun of him

13. The Wolverine Crossover

12. Star Wars And Batman – Wow

11. Batman no like preaching

10. Politics

9. Batman has his turn

8. The Pope is involved

7. It’s all about the Trauma

6. Woman Wolverine is fed up

5. Robin, you cannot be so stupid!

4. It’s a No Show

3. Ughh! No

2. Reality wants a chance

1. Batman’s solution: Swift Violence