13 Things You Stop Doing When You’ve Been With Him For A Long Time

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Dating is a complete process with different phases. As you get to understand each other, your bond gets stronger. And eventually, you stop doing these 13 things when you’ve been with him for a long time.

1. You stop dolling up every time he’s coming over!

things stop time


Beauty is not all about external appearance and he realizes that over time.

2. You stop acting like the “chill girl” all the time

things stop time


Because things start getting real after a while. So do you.

3. Your life becomes an open book in front of him – including all the drama!

things stop time


You don’t feel the need of hiding yourself from him anymore.

4. Chilling with him in your PJs is a lot more fun than going out drinking sometimes – and you let him know!

things stop time


Kids do these things. Real couples choose to stay home and watch Netflix comfortably.

5. You do not really feel the need to conceal your mood swings anymore!

things stop time


Because he signed up for things such as mental breakdowns, depression and mood swings.

6. Sexy lingerie… kinda goes for a toss

things stop time


But you still manage to surprise him with those comfortable yet appealing underpants because he adores you for who you really are.

7. You stop obsessing about that pimple you wake up with right before date night

things stop time


Because such petty pimple things can’t do you any damage anymore.

8. You also don’t care as much about, umm, farting in front of him…

things stop time


Time makes things smooth enough between you people that nothing seems awkward or weird.

9. You absolutely stop pretending that you looove all his friends

things stop time


Let’s be real. A true girlfriend is always going to hate your friends no matter what.

10. Or that watching his favorite team play against their rival team is your favorite thing to do!

things stop time


You choose to stay out of these games rather than cheering his team with no enthusiasm.

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