13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

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People have been getting freaky in the bedroom (and outdoors) for centuries, and sometimes, things get pretty crazy. Whether it’s because of tradition, culture or just general kinkiness, there’s a bunch of weird [email protected] customs the world over that make you go WTF.

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1. Boys & girls of the Sambian tribe have to drink semen

The Sambian Tribe of New Guinea have a tradition of separating their boys from the girls at the age of 7 for 10 years. During this period, they undergo piercings, nose bleeds and have to drink the semen of the tribes mightiest warriors. Game over.

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

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2. Girls of the Trobriander Tribe engage in [email protected] acts from age 6

The Trobriander Tribe from Papua, New Guinea embrace [email protected] from an astonishingly young age. Boys start engaging in [email protected] activity from the age of 10-12, while the girls start from 6 years! Isn’t that illegal?

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

3. In Mangaia, older women have [email protected] with young boys

In Mangaia, an island in the South Pacific Ocean, boys around the age of 13 have [email protected] with older women who teach them the intricacies of the act and how best to please their partners. One way ticket please!

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

4. In Rural Austria, women feed armpit-flavoured apples to their suitor

In rural Austria, young women do a ritual dance with apple slices stuffed in their armpits. After the dance, each gives her slice to the man of her choice, and he then eats it.

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

5. The Kreung Tribe builds love huts where teenaged girls can have [email protected] with different men till they find the one

With the Kreung Tribe in Cambodia, the elders build a love-hut for their teenage daughters. Different boys spend the night here day after day, until she finds a suitable partner, who is then with her for life.

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

6. In Ancient Greece, men took young boys as lovers

For Ancient Greeks, [email protected] identity didn’t depend on gender and preference but on who was the active penetrator and who was the penetratee(?). The active role was associated with higher social status, while the passive role meant youth and feminity, or ‘boy love’ in other words.

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

7. In certain Nepali tribes, brothers share one woman

Some Nepali tribes in the Himalays practise polyandry. Basically, all the brothers share one woman, so that they don’t have too many children for their limited farmland.

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

8. The Wodaabe Tribe holds a wife-stealing festival every year

In the Wodaabe Tribe of Niger in West Africa, children are married in their infancy. However, at the yearly Gerewol Festival, Wodaabe men wear elaborate makeup and costumes and try to covertly steal another’s wife. If they go undetected, their union becomes recognised.

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

9. Public masturbation ceremonies were held in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was obsessed with masturbation. They believed the ebb and flow of the Nile was caused by their god of creation’s ejaculation. Thus, the would ritually masturbate into the Nile to ensure a wealth of water for crops. During the Egyptian festival of the god Min, who represented the pharaoh’s [email protected] power, men regularly masturbated in public.

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

10. In Indonesia, you can have [email protected] outside marriage during Pon celebration

During the celebration of Pon in Indonesia, participants have to spend the night and have intercourse with someone other than their wife or husband. It is said that their wishes of good luck will only come true if they have [email protected] with the same person at all seven celebrations throughout the year.

13 Odd Sex Rituals In The World

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