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13 Grizzly Sea Monsters That Terrorize The World’s Oceans

11. Blobfish

13 Grizzly Sea Monsters That Terrorize The World's Oceans


A gelatinous fish that lives in the deep waters of Australasia, these gooey beasts appear so deflated because they lack muscles and so are often carried about by the tides hoping that food will drift to them rather than hunting it themselves. Typically no larger than 30cm long, they lack muscles because of the pressure of where they reside which is 60 to 120 times as great as at sea level.

Voted the World’s Ugliest Animal in 2013, it is feared endangered due to deep-sea trawling.

12. Goblin Shark

13 Grizzly Sea Monsters That Terrorize The World's Oceans


This pink-skinned, deep-sea shark has a long, flat protruding snout and highly protrusible jaws. With a lineage of around 125 million years, it is basically a living fossil. Its long nose-like plate can actually sense electrical activity produced by prey that it hunts along the seafloor. Very rare, these creatures are rarely caught or sighted.

Found in all three major oceans, its distribution is not entirely known due to its rarity but it is thought to be widespread.

13. Anglerfish

13 Grizzly Sea Monsters That Terrorize The World's Oceans


The male anglerfish is incredibly small and weak and with few discerning features bar an incredible sense of smell which it uses to hunt down females before biting them. The females, bigger and with a bioluminescent rod on the top of their heads called an escra, then secrete a toxin that glues the male to her and slowly kills it off except for the use of its testicles which she then uses to fertilize herself.

Some anglerfish have been known to be able to have several males attached to them whilst they lure prey to them with their glowing escra.

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