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12 TV Shows And Movies That Feature Female Masturbation

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Everybody loves to watch movies but it gets all hot when there’s an intimacy scene on the screen. Female masturbation is just another pleasing thing which doesn’t get featured in many movies but still, it’s quite an exciting moment for the audience.

1. Beth Behrs, ‘Two Broke Girls’

Beth’s roommate finds her masturbating in the bathtub with a showerhead. Everything happens off-screen, but the hijinks!

2. Riley Keough, ‘The Girlfriend Experience’

TV Shows And Movies That Feature Female Masturbation

Keough’s character, an escort, enjoys watching herself masturbate.

3. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, ‘Fleabag’

Titular character Fleabag is minding her own business masturbating in bed (as ya do)—the catch is her boyfriend’s asleep next to her and she’s masturbating to Obama videos.

4. Allison Williams, ‘Girls’

Marnie masturbates in a public bathroom while leaning against the door.

5. Lizzy Caplan, ‘Masters Of Sex’

TV Shows And Movies That Feature Female Masturbation

Her character stands completely naked and masturbates as Michael Sheen’s character watches.

6. Ilana Glazer, ‘Broad City’

Glazer performs her “pre-masturbation ritual,” which involves a mirror, candles, and a giant vibrator. Treat yourself.

7. Joan Allen, ‘Pleasantville’

Allen is seen masturbating in the bathtub as the screen changes from black to color.

8. Kate Walsh, ‘Just Before I Go’

Kate Walsh’s character masturbates while sleepwalking.

9. Shiri Appleby, ‘Unreal’

TV Shows And Movies That Feature Female Masturbation

Rachel is masturbating to porn with a vibrator in the back of a van.

10. Amy Adams, ‘Junebug’

Adams’ very pregnant character masturbates in bed while looking at a photo of her husband.

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