12 Mistakes Girls Commit During An Intercourse

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Don’t worry girls we all have been there. If you are a newbie in the intimacy game then it’s no big deal. But there are a few mistakes which girls tend to make be it because of their nature or something else. So here’s a list of mistakes you are supposed to care of during an intercourse with your partner.

1. Not being an initiator.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


Why do boys have to make the first move every time? For a change you be the initiator, your partner sure will appreciate it.

2. Worrying too much about how you look.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


Trust me, looks are not the primary thing. The truth is your partner is not even bothered. Just go with the flow and relax and enjoy yourself.

3. Being insecure about your ex.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


He might have been intimate with a lot of girls earlier, but he is your boyfriend now. Don’t bring up that topic during your intercourse. It just spoils the mood.

4. Not giving compliments.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


This is one of the major mistakes girls commit. It is not only a man’s job to compliment a woman. He might as well be as insecure and nervous as you are. So complimenting your partner can really work as an encouragement and boost his self-confidence.

5. Not showing interest.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


Being shy is not going to work girls. Let him know you want him as much as he wants you. You might as well try some strip teasing in front of him.

6. Not telling him what you exactly want.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


Girls they can’t read your mind. Speak out or if you are not comfortable with it direct his hands or simply moan louder when he is doing what you like during the intercourse.

7. Not being proactive.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


Some girls just lie on the bed like a dead fish. Don’t repeat these mistakes girls. The pleasure must be a give and take thing. It has to be a team effort. Otherwise, it’s a big turn off.

8. Not letting him sleep after the intercourse.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


After the act men, unlike women get really tired and want to just turn over and sleep. Don’t complain because he’s tired.

9. Trim your nails.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


Just think during an extremely heated up session, you are clinging on to him tightly, how much your nails can hurt him. Your nails can be a big spoiler.

10. Not being open to experimentation.

Mistakes girls do during intercourse


Only [email protected] is bound to get boring after some time. Don’t complain when he is not that interested anymore because you are not open to experimentation. If he evaluates some new ideas to spice things up just go ahead and try them.

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