12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries You Probably Are Not Aware Of

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Each and every celebrity is under a constant pressure to look better than what he/she did yesterday. So to beat the factor of age, they get various plastic surgeries performed on them. Some of them get surfaced on the internet while a lot is kept a secret.

Here are some examples celebrity plastic surgeries that you might not know about.

1. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is a retired boxer, American actor and screenwriter known for his role in movies like The Wrestler and Iron Man 2. A reconstructive surgery was performed on his face to repair all the injuries that happened to him in his boxing career.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

2. Blake Lively

Blake Lively, a 28-year-old American actress is best known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in the CW teen-drama television series Gossip Girl. Although she says that she has never been under a knife, you can clearly see that she has got rhinoplasty and an eye job done.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

3. Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers, a retired American singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur decided to do a plastic surgery after he married a younger woman in 1997. However, the eye job later turned out to be extremely embarrassing for him.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

4. Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley, a member of the band KISS had work done on his lips, eyelids and also had a facelift along with rhinoplasty.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

5. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has had a skin tightening surgery and also a few botox injections.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

6. Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta did some plastic surgeries on his eyes. However, you can see that it did not turn out to be very well.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

7. Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias did a plastic surgery to get the mole under his right eye removed.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

8. Pamela Anderson

Everyone knows that celebrity Pamela Anderson has done several plastic surgeries to enlarge her boobs. However,  it is also believed that she has had some facial skin-tightening surgeries.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

9.  Howard Stern

Howard Stern has had a nose job and a facelift.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

10. Nicki Minaj

In order to completely transform herself, celebrity pop star Nicki Minaj allegedly had her skin bleached and then underwent rhinoplasty.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

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