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12 Celebrities Livin’ It Large On Super Yachts

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Celebrities live their lives in the public eye, and unless they’re at home in a mansion protected by iron gates, thick curtains and a team of bodyguards, it’s likely they’ll be snapped the moment they step foot outside, and lavish yachts are no exception.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

So to help you live your life vicariously through them, here are photos of everyone’s favorite celebrities livin’ it large on superyachts.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is the face of the multi-millionaire bachelor lifestyle, and when he’s not serenading us with his on-screen presence, he’s most likely kicking back with a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models onboard luxury yachts.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

Notoriously private, getting a clear snap of the star is often difficult as he is usually wearing a hat or sunglasses, but with the hordes of beautiful women typically around him, the paparazzi are by no means starved of eye candy.

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2. Jay-Z and Beyonce

The king and queen of hip-hop live a life far removed from the working-class backgrounds they were raised in and now enjoy a life that only the wealthiest people on the planet could come close to matching.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

In keeping with the braggadocious image synonymous with rap and hip-hop, it was fitting that Hova was pictured with his wife and many people’s dream woman, Beyonce Knowles aboard a superyacht.

3. Harry Styles

Harry Styles may be riding solo following 5 years of frenzied touring with the boy band One Direction, but it appears the famous heartthrob will never be alone when at sea.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

Though grounded and humble, Styles is privy to the jet set lifestyle and is regularly pictured aboard yachts with a host of A-list stars.

4. Ryan Seacrest

Presenter, DJ, producer and playboy Ryan Seacrest hasn’t shied away from his love of the single life, and with signature good looks, worldwide fame and a net worth of a cool $350m, we can see why. He’s also a hard-working guy, and even on his summer vacation in St.Tropez, he’s keeping up his jogging routine. Only instead of pounding the treadmill, he’s doing laps aboard a yacht with an insanley hot chick.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

We love you, Ryan. But we’re also incredibly jealous of you…

5. The Weeknd and Selena Gomez

The former couple were picture everywhere during their short time together, with the long-time lothario and former Disney star immediately falling into each other’s arms following The Weeknd’s much-publicised split from the supermodel, Bella Hadid.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

Now preparing for the release of his new album, The Weeknd appears as determined as ever to conquer the charts, while Gomez still appears to live in the shadow of her on/off boyfriend and first love, Justin Bieber.

6. Justin Beiber 

The world’s most famous male pop star doesn’t seem to be enjoying his bachelor lifestyle much since Selena turned her back on him (again), despite the fact that he’s worth a cool $200m and can get pretty much any girl he wants.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

Like most entertainers, travel commitments mean the Biebs is rarely in one place for longer than a few weeks, which almost makes us feel sorry for him as we caption him aboard a yacht with the fashion model, Sofia Ritchie.

7. Tom Brady and Gisele

America’s super couple seemingly have it all, with both at the top of their respective professions, so it’s more than understandable that the two seasoned achievers and parents make the most of their alone time.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

Certainly not the most ostentatious of yachts, it’s nonetheless a sleek design, and when you look like Brady and Gisele, it doesn’t really matter what boat you’re on.

8. Zac Efron

Zac Efron last few movie roles have received less than positive reviews from nearly every media outlet, but being a heartthrob and A-list actor allows you to always enjoy the finer things in life- even if journalists think you aren’t very good at what you’re paid to do.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

In fairness, he’s not that bad of an actor, but with the money he makes, we’re not sure he loses any sleep at night.

9. P Diddy

The richest man in hip-hop has come a long way since his days dodging bullets in the rough streets of Harlem, New York and he now finds himself living a life he could have scarcely imagined growing up.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

Looking more relaxed in his later years, Diddy is known for his yacht parties, but in this photo, he also appears to do his business on them as well.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

We will say what you’re thinking: he has an impressive body. It would almost be rude to not comment on that, especially when he does 2,000 situps a day to maintain those rock hard abs. So what better place is there to frolick around shirtless in front of the eager eyes of the paparazzi than aboard a dazzling yacht?

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

He may be more narcissistic than Dorian Grey, but you’d be lying if you weren’t a tad envious of Mr Ronaldo’s life (and girlfriend)

11. Cara Delevigne and Selena Gomez

Cara Delevigne and Selena Gomez are two cool girls, and after Gomez invited Delevigne aboard her yacht in St Tropez to celebrate her 22nd birthday, paparazzi photographers were no doubt rubbing their hands with glee.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

Oh to be rich and beautiful!

12. Trey Songz (and half the Giants team)

Trey Songz was blamed for the Giants’ loss to the Green Bay Packers in January 2017 shortly after it emerged that half the team had been partying on board the RNB crooner’s yacht in Miami just days before the surprising loss.

12 Celebrities Livin' It Large On Super Yachts

Packed full of A-list names, including the league’s golden boy, Odel Beckham Jr, Trey Songz had to staunchly defend himself on Twitter which was quite ironic considering that the players could have quite easily declined his invitation.

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