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10 Kanye West Tweets You Won’t Believe Are Real

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Kanye West is far from an enigma, and as well as selling millions of albums and playing at some of the world’s biggest music venues, he’s tweeted some bizarre things over the years. Things so strange and wacky, you’ll barely believe they are real.

Here, we thought we’d list some examples and remind you why Kanye is truly one of a kind.

1. Kanye comes to terms with not being skinny and tall by reminding himself of his greatness

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


Kanye West can be accused of many things, but lacking confidence isn’t something he’ll ever be guilty of. Not only did he inform fans at England’s iconic Glastonbury Festival that he was the greatest rock star of all time, but he’s also tweeted some fairly self-indulgent, and dare we say it, dubious things over the years.

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One example of this was when he tweeted that, while he may not possess the androgynous beauty of tall and skinny men, he can always take solace in being the greatest artist of all time. Hmm…

2. All ‘Kings’ need well-groomed horses

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


Not only does Mr West’s Twitter picture depict a cartoon image of himself with a crown on his head, but he also sent a very un-hip-hop tweet regarding an immaculately groomed horse that looks more at home in a wealthy 13-year-old girl’s back garden than it does in a gangster rapper’s mansion.

But molds are there to be broken, and as Kanye has demonstrated on numerous occasions, he isn’t afraid to stand out and be different.

3. Beef flavored pineapples are never nice

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


The jet-set life usually involves luxury accommodation and transportation, and you’d think the food would be no exception either. But if you happen to detect the ill-practices of many a 5-star hotel chef, you might find yourself feeling a little annoyed.

Just take Kanye West. So accustomed is he to a life dappled in luxury,  he can quite easily tell when his pineapples have traces of beef on them. First world problems, no doubt, But in Kanye’s life, everything’s a problem.

4. West admits his emotions run high when selecting certain fonts

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


Fonts are cool, at least some can be, but we can’t for the life of us work out how certain types of fonts could test someone’s emotions. But hey, when you’re a genius like Kanye, anything can make you emotional.

Heck, he’s probably going to title one of his songs, ‘Fonts With Attitude’ though we’re still not sure which font belongs to which emotion. I guess we’ll leave that all-important decision to you, Mr West!

5. No matter how talented you are, you’ll never be Kanye West

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


Yeezy believes that talent is still not enough if you want to be the ultimate person on Earth. In other words: himself.

But rest assured Kanye-loving beings, If you’re talented yet still want to be the man himself, you can always marry a self-absorbed, fame-hungry female. You’ll find there are loads of them in the bars of L.A. Good luck!

6. The mercurial rapper displays his displeasure after being given a complimentary water bottle when flying with a commercial airline

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


He may have freebies handed to him left-right-and-center, but one thing he doesn’t want is a complimentary water bottle. It’s a big ask to look after a water bottle. You have to unscrew the lid, drink it and lord behold, you may even have to dispose of using a bin!

Evidently, such responsibilities don’t sit well with the self-entitled genius, something all airlines should bear in mind next time they entertain a genius onboard one of their planes.

7. Kanye West tweets what every elevator user would never admit to

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


Elevators offer some of the most difficult and awkward moments known to mankind, so it’s not surprising West prefers a more peaceful journey when taking an elevator to one of his many penthouse suites.

As for the poor people running towards the closing doors? Forget them. If they’re not Yeezy famous, they’re not worthy of sharing a lift with the genius hitmaker.

8. Kanye wishes he knew some Ninjas

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


His child-like enthusiasm for most things in life is certainly admirable when you consider that most of life is pretty mundane and boring, but then again, Kanye is an A-list celebrity, and we’re not.

Bafflingly, he goes on to say that he doesn’t know any, which is odd considering that he’s a genius. Even a non-genius could go to Google and type in ‘local ninjas in your area’. Come on, Kanye!

9. The cantankerous personality admits that the thought of not smiling makes him smile

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


Kanye West is known for being quite a serious character, so it’s hardly surprising that the idea of not smiling is enough to make him smile.

Still, while we can all relate to that, there’s no need to be so glum, Mr West! Just think of all the fun, insightful and- as you’re a genius-intellectual stimulation you’re giving everyone with your tweets.

10. Kanye West believes his wife’s flagrant disregard for modesty result in him having to dress her himself to spare his blushes

10 Kanye West Tweets You Won't Believe Are Real


Kanye West is a man who isn’t afraid to be different, so it’s quite surprising to know that he still gets embarrassed, especially when he was aware what he was getting himself into marrying a woman like Kim.

Now, if Kim can return the favor and undress you whenever you’re spotted wearing anything Yeezy-related, we think you’ll both have done each other an excellent service!

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