10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

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It is true that female comedians have been largely underrated. Yet it is also true that during the last decade lots of spectacular women found their calling in this very field, proving once again that women can be as funny as they are beautiful. Many people believe that only overweight or weird-looking women become comedians, but this list is about to prove them wrong. These are hot stand-up comedians who have done their own shows and created sketches that became super popular. They just happen to be female and incredibly good-looking!

Iliza Shlesinger

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

Gorgeous Iliza Shlesinger was the first ever female winner of ‘Last Comic Standing’, season six. She was also the youngest participant! She was then noticed by Netflix and has created three shows of her own – ‘Confirmed Kills’, ‘Freezing Hot’ and ‘War Paint’.

Chelsea Peretti

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

Chelsea is most popular for her performance as Gina in ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’, as well as Farley on the ‘Kroll Show’. Not only is she a great comedian herself, she’s also married to the star Jordan Peele from ‘Key & Peele’. The two became famous for the first ever comedic [email protected] tape!

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Aisha Tyler

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

Aisha has been through a lot with weird movies like ‘Balls of Fury’ and ‘Santa Clause 2’ as well as shows ‘Talk Soup’ and ‘The Fifth Wheel’. Afterwards, she finally presented herself as a talented female comedian in 2009 ‘Archer’ where she played Lana Kane, a seductress and spy.

Nikki Glaser

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

This amazing stand-up comedian is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Her new show ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’ is a [email protected] talk show that has gotten millions of followers. Many of its jokes have gone totally viral. She was also featured on ‘The Roast of Rob Lowe’ which became a launching pad for many famous comedians.

Ilana Glazer

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

This millennial comedian has raised to fame in a blink of an eye with the show ‘Broad City’ that she co-written and co-starred with her friend Abby Jacobson. Amy Poehler noticed the talented duo and helped release the pilot episode. The show was then bought by Comedy Central making Glazer a demanded female comedian.

Aubrey Plaza

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

This gorgeous girl didn’t rise to fame in a fortnight, she’s done some serious work to get where she is today. She’s done a considerable amount of stand-up improves at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, all while doing small jobs at the Post-It company. She then started landing roles at ‘Funny People’ and ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ as well as plethora of other shows. She’s finally made it!

Tina Fey

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

She is the ultimate Queen of Comedy that has popularized glasses, making them the hottest item a girl could wear. It’s impossible not to love her! Her work on Saturday Night Live is simply unbelievable.

Whitney Cummings

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

NBC’s sitcom ‘Whitney’ was a total disaster according to critics, although we don’t really remember the show. Whitney was later out of luck again with her own program, but managed to make things right with ‘2 Broke Girls’ that she helped co-create. Right now the show is super popular and is heading for the sixth season!

Jenna Marbles

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

Jenna Nicole Mourey is the sole creator of the sixth most subscribed channel in YouTube history. She has more than 16 million followers, which makes her the most followed female YouTuber ever. Before becoming such a sensation, this beauty was a writer for BarStool Sports and was working as a go-go dancer. She is now worth $2.5 million!

Brittany Furlan

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

Time Magazine has named this young talented beauty one of the most influential people on the Internet. She’s a Vine comic who now has around 9.9 million followers and is known for her amazing humor that makes her stand out from the rest of comedians.

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