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10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!

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Believe it or not, celebrities have a hard time finding love. While adoring fans and countless groupies are all too happy to worship them and even sleep with them, being in the spotlight whilst also trying to find someone genuine can seem impossible at times, which tends to be why celebrities date fellow performers, as they can relate to the pressures of fame and the extraordinary wealth that comes with it.

With that said, it’s little surprise that the guys who popped the question on this list mostly got engaged to people in the industry. But did they propose too soon?

Read on below as we go through 10 quick celebrity proposals that took everyone by surprise.

1. Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


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Is Justin Bieber finally happy? After a tumultuous, on-off relationship with fellow pop star and childhood sweetheart Selena Gomez, it would appear so if his sudden proposal to Hailey Baldwin is any indication.

After only a month’s dating, the 24-year-old proposed to the fashion model at a Bahamas resort having only recently called things off with Selena Gomez. Bieber and Baldwin’s engagement certainly came as a surprise, despite the two having dated in the past.

Baldwin is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, the Christian fundamentalist, and actor who has starred in films such as Born on the Fourth of July, The Usual Suspects and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. He also appeared in the British edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

2. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


Who saw this one coming? Despite Ariana Grande being a worldwide superstar with the voice of an angel and the looks of a Victoria Secret’s model, she could pretty much have the pick of the bunch, but Grande has chosen to spend the rest of her life with the affable, Saturday Night Live comic, Pete Davidson.

Lanky, goofy, and self-deprecating, Davidson probably wasn’t the dude many imagined Grande would pick, but then again, laughter is the key to any girl’s heart, and Davidson is one funny dude. However, his proposal was perhaps a tad too soon.

Not only did the proposal occur one month into the relationship, but both of them had just come out of relationships.

3. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


Not as recent as the first two couples on our list but still hot as hell, Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth popped the question to his then-girlfriend Elsa Pataky a mere three months into the relationship.

However, eight years later and the couple is still very much an item/ “We did everything very quickly — I don’t know how we survived as a couple,” Pataky recently told Vogue Australia in 2018.

4. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


While punk rocker Benji Madden’s proposal to Cameron Diaz occurred seven months into the relationship, it was still a relatively short amount of time to pop the question to someone, but then again, when you get to a certain age, you probably have a better idea of what it is you want in a partner, and Madden certainly seems to have found his soul mate in Diaz.

The Hollywood actress has since retired from Hollywood and looks to be happier than ever with her husband, who at a mere 5’7″,  is a good two inches shorter than Diaz. Interestingly, the actresses sister-in-law, Nicole Richie, is married to Madden’s brother, Joel.

5. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


The first couple on our list not to remain together, Tom Cruise wasted little time when he proposed to Katie Holmes, the Hollywood actress who is now with Cruise’s Collateral co-star, Jamie Foxx. The former couple are believed to have started dating in April 2015 before Cruise proposed to her two months later.

So happy was Cruise with the engagement that he went on Oprah to express his happiness by jumping up and down on her sofa like a hyper child who’d just discovered Coca-Cola.

6. Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


America’s sweetheart may now be happily married to Daniel Moder, but her first marriage to the country singer Lyle Lovett lasted little over two years which isn’t that surprising considering Lovett popped the question after three weeks of dating!

The two had met on the set of the film The Player and clearly had chemistry in more ways than one, but like most cases of young love, it never usually works. Just don’t go telling that to Justin and Hailey…

7. Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim 

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


Nicolas Cage may have squandered his fortune on frivolous purchases and let a once-glittering career turn into the stuff of B-movie folklore, but at this very moment in time, he appears happier than ever with his wife Alice Kim, who he first encountered when she was serving him as a waitress!

He was 40 at the time, while she was only 19, but the two hit it off straight away, so much so that Cage proposed to her two months later! They now have a child and remain happily married.

8. Katy Perry and Russell Brand

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


The Firework hitmaker shared a whirlwind romance with the British comedian, who was once deemed Hollywood’s most notorious lothario. Only three months into the relationship, Brand proposed to the singer and the couple soon got hitched in a lavish wedding ceremony in India.

However, Brand soon got bored of settling for just one woman and called off the marriage after just 14 months via the most cowardly means of communication possible… TEXT.

9. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


This one didn’t end well, did it? All judgment aside, they made one smoking hot couple in the three years they were together, which is actually pretty impressive when you consider that Tommy proposed to Pamela FOUR days into the relationship!

Sharing two children, the relationship was brought back into the spotlight this year when the news reported on an issue involving one of their children.

10. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Way Too Quickly!


Holding the crown for the unofficial accolade of the world’s Hottest Couple, Brady proposed to the Brazilian supermodel just one month into their relationship, with the actual wedding taking place 10 days later.

But before you start swooning over Brady even more than you already do, it’s worth remembering that when they met in 2009, the NFL quarterback was already in a relationship with actress Bridget Moynihan who was pregnant with Tom’s son at the time Gisele came into his life.

However, Brad and Gisele are still together, almost 10 years after they first met, so it seems as though Brady’s decision was the right one, even if it was pretty insensitive of him at the time.

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